Moonpiercer: how to get, ascension, stats and who can use it in Genshin Impact



    Moonpiercer is a four-star polearm in Genshin Impact that is part of Sumeru’s series of craftable weapons. Being fully compatible with free play, this weapon is a cheap option for support characters who primarily trigger Dendro’s elemental reactions on his team, so careful team composition is required for the weapon to shine.

    How to get Moonpiercer in Genshin Impact

    Moonpiercer is a craftable weapon, so it cannot be obtained by pulling any banner. Instead, you have to play through Sumeru’s Aranyaka quest chain to get quest items called Stories of You and the Aranara. Then talk to Aravinay in the Vanarana dream to exchange them for Forging Blueprints, including the moonlight talewhich is used to make Moonpiercer.

    Learn the Blueprint by using it from your Inventory, then head to any blacksmith to forge it with the following materials:

    • x1 Midlander Claymore billet
    • Crystal Shard x50
    • x50 White Iron Cunk
    • x500 Blackberry

    It only takes 10 seconds to get this polearm and you can craft as many as you want for Refinements.

    Genshin Impact Moonpiercer Stats

    • base attack: 44 to 565
    • substate: Elemental Mastery (24 to 110)
    • Passive: Stillwood’s Moonshadow
      • After activating Burning, Quicken, Aggravate, Spread, Bloom, Hyperbloom, or Burgeon, a Leaf of Revival will be created around the character for up to 10 seconds. When picked up, the Blade will grant the character sixteen/twenty/24/28/32 Attack percentage for 12 seconds. Only 1 sheet can be generated this way every 20 seconds. This effect can still activate if the character is not on the field.

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    Genshin Impact Moonpiercer Ascension cost and materials

    Below are all the Ascension materials needed for Moonpiercer. They can be grown from the following:

    • Insignia: Fatui skirmishers throughout Teyvat
    • chaos materials: Drakes Ruin in Sumeru
    • oasis garden: Tower of Abject Pride (Tuesday, Friday, Sunday)

    Ascension Phase 1

    x5,000 Mora

    Recruit Badge x2

    Chaos Storage x3

    x3 Reminiscence of Oasis Garden

    Ascension Phase 2

    x15,000 Mora

    x8 recruit badge

    x12 chaos storage

    x3 Oasis Garden Goodness

    Ascension Phase 3

    x20,000 Mora

    x6 sergeant badge

    Chaos Module x6

    x6 Oasis Garden Goodness

    Ascension Phase 4

    x30,000 Mora

    x9 sergeant badge

    x12 Chaos Module

    x3 Oasis Garden Mourning

    Ascension Phase 5

    x35,000 arrears

    Lieutenant’s Badge x6

    Chaos Beam x9

    Oasis Garden mourning

    Ascension Phase 6

    x45,000 Mora

    x12 lieutenant badge

    x18 chaos discharge

    x4 The truth of Oasis Garden

    Who can use Moonpiercer in Genshin Impact

    Moonpiercer was created for support characters whose job it is to activate dendro Elemental Reactions, so you need to build the right team and keep your rotations in mind to make good use of your passive. When the wearer activates elemental reactions, a rebirth blade will be summoned. Whoever picks it up (not necessarily the wielder) will gain a huge attack boost, further increasing the weapon’s support capabilities.

    However, despite the army of polearm users in the game, only a few can make full use of Moonpiercer:

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