Monster Hunter now teases the Elder Dragon’s appearance in the latest roadmap.

    • Monster Hunter Now’s new enemy types, Elder Dragon and Leviathan, are coming this summer.
    • But what is an Elder Dragon?
    • And what could be the mysterious third type of monster?

    The latest Monster Hunter Now roadmap has been revealed. Featuring a host of new monsters added in March, there are some mysterious additions as we head into summer. And one of them is the highly anticipated category of Elder Dragons, coming in June. It’s going to be a standout for many long-time Monster Hunter fans given the importance of said creature.

    As for what an Elder Dragon is, well, for us hobbyists in the Monster Hunter world, we had to find out. But basically a giant dragon seems like a monster that doesn’t fit into the fantastical environment of Monster Hunter’s world. So while most of the beasts you fight fit somewhere in the imaginary food choices, Elder Dragons are more akin to unnatural enemies so old that any place they had in nature is long gone.

    Fun to fight, huh?

    Mega monster

    Along with Elder Dragons arriving in June, July will bring Leviathan (the apex predator that still fits into the natural environment) and a mysterious third type of monster. It seems that this addition will make a huge difference in offering more challenges for players as these two categories are usually owned in mainline games.

    As for the third type? Well, we’re not that privy to Monster Hunter but we definitely expect big things. And even if you’re not that excited to fight more monsters, Monster Hunter Now’s upcoming one-year anniversary in the fall is sure to bring some exciting rewards and additions, but if you want some rewards sooner, why not? See our list. Of all the MH Now codes?

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