Microsoft is working to kill Google by merging Bing and ChatGPT


    ChatGPT’s ability to provide relevant answers is impressive. Microsoft would like to use them to make the Bing search engine more interesting than Google.

    Just try to test the tests. If you ask questions, you will quickly realize that we’re working with the search engine. Certainly, open AI can respond to user questions as naturally as possible.

    Don’t worry what keywords should you type in an engine or click on first results to find out more. In a very natural sentence, ChatGPT often offers a direct answer, simple, relevant and complete, in parallel with some complex questions. A radical shift can be seen in web research.

    That’s what Microsoft would very logically like to use to strengthen Bing.

    A unique opportunity to undermine Google.

    According to two sources interviewed by The Information, Microsoft is preparing to introduce a new version of its Bing search engine, integrating ChatGPT. The rollout is expected before March to be done next week and could make the search engine more relevant than Google.

    Considering its appearance in the 2000s, Google dominated the Internet search market all over the world. That actually represents 90.5% of the market, leaving only a few crumbs for Bing and its other competitors.

    The rise of AI in ChatGPT is an exceptionally exciting opportunity for Microsoft to become a firm of Google, which has also gotten into its own solutions. The giant is well aware of the dangers.

    Answer your questions, please.

    The question is not to extend existing Bing operations to complete, but rather to offer the GSM integration as the first answer. Every challenge that Microsoft faces, and ensures quality of the answers.

    The Public Beta version of ChatGPT uses a database that was blocked in 2021 and sometimes has no answer. This isn’t a problem in a beta on a dedicated tool, but for mainstream search engines like Bing it’d be extremely problematic.

    In 2020, Microsoft announced a key partnership with Open AI, giving it an exclusive license to GPT-3, the language model developed by Open AI and used by ChatGPT.

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