Microsoft approved ransomware drivers Aroged



    Microsoft didn’t do very well after the suspension of a number of developers’ accounts. The accounts were linked to drivers who were abused during cyberattacks.

    It’s important for your computer to make all of that work together properly. These drivers help you understand your processor and connected devices. Just cant install all the drivers. The first time drivers will have to be approved by Microsoft. Now, it seems to me that the quality control there is nothing more to do.

    A number of programmers who were affiliated with the Windows hardware developer program are now banned from developing software. Both Mandiant and Sophos informed Microsoft in October that some drivers open the door to cyber attacks of all kinds. The developers wanted to program crashes to the drivers. Microsoft suspended the accounts, after malicious code was again sent to signature on September 29, 2022, and they announced their website.

    Sign drivers

    Windows will automatically sign all the drivers and hardware used in Windows. That control process still turns out to be not so watertight. Drivers who were certifyed were clearly abused. Mandiant, Sophos and SentinelOne showed the driver was used in ransomware attacks, smishing and SIM swapping. This was possible by the Microsoft certificate, which indicates that the software in question can be trusted.

    Drivers have been a favorite target for long time for hackers and cybercriminals. Since the drivers manage everything with each other, I am curious to be infertile. The driver is working at the highest level of the operating system, and if he or she wants to cause damages, he will be allowed to use, to also enable hackers to access it to. With malicious drivers who carry a certificate that can be trusted, hackers are almost everywhere.


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