Metroid Prime 4 release may be closer than you think.


    The ongoing rant about waiting for Metroid Prime has alienated it from many fans. The game’s reveal was incredible, and players couldn’t believe their luck – but since the title’s reboot, we’re stuck in a dark, cold, limbo without it.

    We don’t know anything about Retro Studios’ Sams Aran’s next outing, other than the fact that it’s meant to be on the way. The players are wilting as their hype saps their energy, but it looks like we could be in for a treat soon. Well, soon.

    Metroid Prime 4 is reportedly entering marketing planning.

    We can’t pretend that the marketing plan itself is particularly interesting, but we’ll take it in regards to Metroid Prime 4 .

    But a new report from Mash Weedle has indicated that Nintendo is currently in the process of planning a marketing strategy for Metroid Prime 4. now.

    The leak claims that people have already seen the game itself, which includes many new playable features and that the game has a technical deployment.Great

    We could have predicted that development would be difficult – but even so, there are some who are rightly skeptical of the leak.

    Fans React to Metroid Prime 4 Leak

    Click to enlarge.

    Fans have taken to the comments of the tweet shared on Reddit, with some keeping their distance as not being entirely trustworthy themselves.

    “TNintendo will bring back Nintendo Selects in 2021, his man said.“says one comment, calling their reliability into question.”With a grain of salt, he kicked out the Metroid Dread rumor before the drop, and was one of the select few (if not the only) at the time.” added another who fought the Laker’s corner.

    Whether or not this leak is to be trusted remains to be seen – but heaven knows we’re excited enough to hope they’re right. It’s been a hot moment since Samus was last suited up in her armor.


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