Meow Mission is a newly announced puzzler that has you virtual rescue cats.

    • Miyano Mission is a newly announced Sukoban-style puzzler.
    • It focuses on rescuing stray cats.
    • A portion of the proceeds goes to real rescue shelters.

    Cats are loved by everyone, but for those living in cozy homes, there are even more stuck on the streets. So what if there was a game to raise awareness for these stray moggies? Well, that’s what the new title from Korean developer Accelix aims to do. Meow Mission was just announced at the PlayX4 conference in Korea, and it’s a doozy of a game.

    Meowo Mission To save stray cats, you need to solve succuban-style puzzles, basically moving objects to pass through a certain path. You can then take care of each hatched, rescued cat at your home base, and reveal the stories behind them. And for an extra cool side, each cat is based on a real-life rescue from the Nabih Saranghe Cat Sanctuary in Seoul, Korea.

    Additionally, Accelix plans to put their money where their Meowth is and donate a portion of the game’s revenue to charity.

    Sports for good

    Obviously, while Accelix has notably incorporated socially conscious activities into its studio, games don’t always directly change the world. But it’s nice to see a title that sheds light on the plight of stray pets and contributes to their rehabilitation and rescue.

    Meow Mission also promises to combine two things the internet tells us everyone is addicted to, cats and puzzles. So by those two metrics, Accelix may have a world winner on its hands, and since the PlayX4 conference delivered so many cool new announcements we’ve found ourselves covered thanks to their broad appeal, it’s not just hyperbole. can

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