Meet Genshin Impact’s Leaked Fontaine Characters 7 Months In Advance


    Genshin Impact’s annual Nation Drop occurs around August, with leaks normally surfacing a few months in advance. But this year, it seems the Fontaine frenzy has come too soon. With seven months to go until the release of Justice Nation, character designs for Fontaine’s alleged characters have already been making the rounds on social media. Initial leaks showed blurry images, but the highest-quality photos took less than a week to surface.

    Please note that the the information below is based on leaks and should be taken with a grain of salt as they have not been confirmed by HoYoverse and are still in a very early stage of development.

    The Twitter user posted a full character list of alleged upcoming characters. @FontaineDailywhich shows 10 characters that leakers believe will be coming to the game.

    Familiar faces include Lyney and Lynette, who appeared on the Teyvat Chapter Story Trailer: Travail. Back in November, it was leaked that they would possibly be a two-in-one playable character, with Lyney supposedly being the ‘main unit’ and Lynette being the ‘summon’.

    Meanwhile, leaks allege that the tall, older man could be Chief Justice Neuvillette, whose name appeared in Nahida’s drip marketing ad. Many speculated that the name Neuvillette would be associated with a woman, but leaker @hxg_diluc claimed that the character is the older man pictured above.

    The same leaker alleged that the blue-haired woman with a teen body model, who was initially leaked as a Seele expi, is the Current Hydro Archon, Focalors. Both pieces of information were backed up by the leaker. @SaveYourCousins.

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    Little is known about the rest of the leaked characters, but @merlin_impact hinted that some of them may not be from Fontaine. If that’s true, Monstadt’s characters are most likely the pink-haired woman due to the form of her Vision and the woman with an apple due to the disconnect in her character design. Fontaine is speculated to have drawn heavily from 19th century France, with a heavy emphasis on steampunk elements. The official artwork of Lyney and Lynette was the first clue, followed by clues provided by Fontaine characters that players have met in the game.

    While Fontaine is still months away from its release, the floodgates have already opened and the leaks continue to spread without consequence. HoYoverse has tried to make moves against the leakers, but all efforts seem to be futile. For now, eager players are already counting their Primogems to attract Fontaine characters, but keep in mind that none of the information above has been confirmed as true.

    There is much to enjoy before Fontaine. Check out Genshin Impact version 3.4 celebrating the Lantern Rite and a new Sumeru Desert area here on MyFullGames to get excited about the next update.


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