MCC Island attracts fans with fishing ad


    MCC fans are excited that fishing is finally coming to MCC Island this summer. We’ll explain why this new game mode is so special and why you should be looking forward to fishing on MCC Island.

    What will fishing be like on MCC Island?

    MCC Island announced the long-awaited fishing update on their Twitter early this morning. While fans are excited, some are wondering what makes the MCC Island version so special when fishing is already a developed feature in Minecraft.

    Most of the game modes in MCC Island are unique and reset every season. However, the developers of MCC Island are breaking away from this pattern and making fishing the first continuous game on the island. For the first time in MCC Island history, fishing will be a game mode that constantly progresses and progress is made. between seasons.

    With all this free time, you’ll want to have plenty to fish and do while you fish. I’m very happy to say that MCC Island is hitting the mark when it comes to gameplay. The first thing you need to know is that fishing will consist of several islands that you can unlock and explore. Additionally, each island has its own rare and unique fish, with fish of different rarities that appears based on your location and the time of day you are playing. These fish will be measured by both their rarity and their weight category (Average, large, massive and gigantic).

    While fish are the highlight, players will also catch trash and treasure. Everything caught during fishing can be used in some way in the fishing system; They could be sold for money, turned into temporary power-ups, or another use that hasn’t been announced yet.

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    Players will be rewarded for time spent fishing in several ways. First of all, players will receive Fisherman trophies to capture each type of fish in their different weights. Each fish can give the player up to four Fisherman’s Trophies if caught in all sizes; These trophies increase your crown level and unlock access to new islands, upgrades, and more in the fishing area. Players will also be able to complete fishing missions for prizes such as reward boxes. As a final bonus, fishing will give players Island XP; Island XP will go towards things like a player’s Battle Pass.

    As mentioned above, fishing will be a progressive system that will continue each season. One of the markers of your progression will be your Fishing badges; These badges will give you permanent upgrades as you level up, such as fishing faster. Additionally, you will be able to add permanent updates to your Rod.

    What is the release date for fishing on MCC Island?

    MCC Island has not yet released a specific date for the big fishing update. However, we do know that it will be released early this summer. This means that players only have to wait 1-2 months to explore this new game mode.

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