Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Review – Sticking The Landing


    Having a sequel to two great games is no guarantee of success. But it sets strong expectations. Thankfully, Spider-Man 2 meets and exceeds those expectations, delivering equally brilliant superhero action characterized by blazing fast combat, smart mission design, and regular injections of thrilling set pieces. Is. Behind all this excitement, there is also a passionate and heartfelt commentary on second chances, restoration and redemption. Consequently, even in its darkest moments, Spider-Man 2 delivers a wholesome and optimistic adventure rooted in joy.

    After the two previous games had established both leads on their own, Spider-Man 2 went back and forth between the two wall-crawlers, with unique relationship threads and powers that set them apart, but the core story. Beats and core abilities that unify the experience. Rather than a distraction, the switching dynamic (sometimes by story, and sometimes by player choice) keeps things fresh and often provides interesting cliffhangers or action changes at critical moments. The tag team dynamic is rewarding, and both heroes get a chance to shine.

    Insomniac’s use of web swings and traversals in New York City has always been a high point, but it’s given new life here with several additional tricks, including wingsuits that let you glide across rooftops at high speeds. The city is a lot of fun to explore, especially given the vast scope of the urban sprawl and the dozens of discoverable things hidden along the way.

    The intensity of Spidey’s fights is always surprising, whether you’re new to these games or returning after a while. The smoothness of the animations, tight camera transitions, and responsive button play keep the pace from feeling overwhelming. I loved experimenting with different powers and gadgets to get the upper hand against stacked odds. Slotted abilities for each character provide a measure of flexibility in your playstyle, adding at least some minor customization to the flow of combat. Even with this flexibility, Spider-Man 2 is a long game, and the intensity of its frequent conflicts starts to lose its luster after a few dozen hours of punches, kicks, and web-throwing. That’s always nice, but the faded thrill of minion battles ultimately suffers from the game’s sheer scope and size.

    Countering any potential problems with minor encounters, Spider-Man 2 also features some of the most climactic and cinematic action sequences I’ve ever encountered in a game, the most in any Spider-Man film appearance. Easily matched by the splendor and chaos of exciting landscapes. These technological showpieces enjoy the power of PS5 hardware. Step back from the exciting scene, and it’s easy to ask: “How in the world did the developers do that?” High-speed chases, sudden, quick scene changes, and titanic dynamic changes in the game’s environment are common and exciting – and that’s just in the first 15 minutes of the game.

    Amidst the action, Spider-Man 2 strives to find innovation in small moments and simple gameplay loops to varying degrees of success. It’s strange to say that some of these minor moments will be spoilers, but it’s best to discover them for yourself, as each one is changed in a way that surprises the player. Suffice it to say that a few stealth sequences, unpowered locomotion through the city, and memorable evenings with friends all serve as palate cleansers. While these sequences often serve the story well, I’m not always sold on the accompanying gameplay.

    The best comic book stories often set real-life social and personal stories against the backdrop of over-the-top exploits, using frequent violence to intensify the themes. Spider-Man 2 takes this idea to heart, constantly challenging the notion of heroism and villainy and coming to the point that most people are complicated and struggle with their circumstances in life far more than they realize. It may appear earlier. Peter and Miles face each other. Yet, they are united in their belief in the good in those around them and their willingness to go the extra mile to protect even the seemingly invulnerable. Past mistakes don’t matter in Spider-Man 2’s storytelling, questions arise about coming back from a dark place and getting another chance. And while the answers matter, the generally optimistic results lead to optimism.

    Insomniac has pulled off this rarest of video game development feats. The team has fielded a trinity of games that are all strong on their own merits but unified into a brilliant story that improves upon the experience as a whole. While more Spider-Man games will inevitably expand the mythology in new directions, there’s no need to wait. With Spider-Man 2, the developer found what makes superhero stories worth telling (and retelling) and gave their favorite heroes the journey they deserve.


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