Margin of the Strange is a spooky pixel adventure from developer OneShot, about to launch on Kickstarter.


    In the mystery adventure game Margin of the Strange, you can immerse yourself in the world of human dreams. Judging by the art style and soundtrack of the initial trailer, it looks very disturbing. The protagonist Ling is experiencing dreams for the first time and, through her shoes, you will be able to explore a surreal world that has its own ecosystem and physical laws. As she progresses through it, she will discover his secrets and solve the puzzles of his own life and death.

    Margin of the Strange is developed by Future Cat Games, who you may know from the incredibly popular puzzle adventure game OneShot. A drink It received rave reviews when it released in December 2016, and currently has an overwhelmingly 98% positive review on Steam. Like that game, Margin of the Strange has puzzle-solving elements and surreal world design.

    It seems that the game can provide a deeply satisfying experience to those who are fascinated with dreams. Its melancholic and ambient tone undoubtedly stands out throughout the entire trailer. But it’s also strangely relaxing, which creates a unique blend.

    (A gardening theme is also mentioned, although how exactly that will play out remains to be seen.)

    On X, one of the game’s developers, NightMargin, mentions that if players liked Yume Nikki and its sequel Yume 2kki (developed by Japanese developer Kikiyama), then they might like this game. There are definitely similarities (both titles allow you to explore your dreams, for example).

    He Crowdfunding on Kickstarter will be released on May 21, when a full trailer will also be released. Developers are aiming for a goal of $62,812 for the project, which they plan to reach by June 20. official website and a discord server They are also available to stay updated on the game.

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