Mad World is done without the Netmarble publishing, but in a similar way as this, does not mean that it is not the beginning of 2023



    Basically, it is good news/bad news that anyone in this group can find here. According to the latest AMA, Jandisoft said that while the development on the grimdark MMO is completed, its not going to make its projected December launch (just in case you’re holding out hope for a Christmas miracle).

    The design was done and the studio said the company was ready to test and perform the testing. We’re working hard on the first major update after the release. The release version has been completed. We’re making the final translations and tests.

    Another big change is that Netmarble doesn’t do Mad World anymore. Rather, Jandisoft said it’ll handle that by itself. The studio officially announced the Netmarble partnership back in 2019.

    The launched version will come with 5 acts of content, 100 levels and raids, guild competition/economic features, phantom training grounds, and arenas.

    Jandisoft said that while a steam version is in progress, it may be delayed past the original release of the game. The mobile version should be introduced after Mad World on PC. This would be more enjoyable. We hope you’re glad. The goal of the computer is to synchronize the two versions a few months after the PC version is released. We will make sure that this is published.

    In the meantime, you can listen to some of the newest videos of Mad World’s different dark spots: the movies in which many of these people live!

    Gouverneur: Goagan and the Dsang clan.



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