Lost: Dark survival sim Darkwood hits Xbox X and S



    This game has been well received on Steam with 94 percent positive reviews.

    Developers, of a small Polish studio, Acid Wizard, whose members were three years old, released a dangerous survival simulator in 2017 that contained the gloomy doll’s body. Before it was over the PC version, the Crunching Koalas company began to publish this project on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

    The console was available in 2019, but now it is time to talk about adapting to the modern gaming platforms. I don’t remember that Darkwood was released in October on the PlayStation 5 and now, at the end of December, a survival simulator from a little Polish studio reached the Xbox series X|S.

    The updated version of the game, with high resolutions up to 4K, is available for free to all Xbox One owners via a special update with save transfer mechanics.

    In a particular case for Darkwood, authors thought it was a new vision of survival horror. Players can discover a rich, volatile open world during the day and hide in the shelter after the morning and pray that morning will come as soon as possible.

    That’s right: the Darkwood hero is busy exploring a disreputable forest, collecting materials, crafting guns, and solving mysteries. At the most closer to the night, he must definitely find shelter and then build barricades, trap and hide away from the ramifications of the night.

    In this way, create an uncommon essence and you develop a strong and successful body. To prepare for unexpected consequences Make decisions that impact darkwood’s world and its inhabitants and build your own storyline.

    You’ll meet terrifying characters, learn their past and decide their fate. Don’t trust anyone, remember. It’ll take time for the line between reality and nightmares to be blurred. Are you prepared to plunge into the Darkwood world?


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    The public very warmly received an application for an accident simulation in acid wizard. He gathered almost 13 thousand reviews on Steam, of which nine4% were positive.



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