Lords of the Fallen – Soul Flaying, Explained


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    Soulflaying is a unique mechanic in Lords of the Fallen that I think fits perfectly into the overall darkness of a Souls-like. However, it is certainly strange to use, and because it is one of the fundamental mechanics of the Umbral Lamp, it is very important to know how and when to use it. The game’s tutorials explain it in great detail, but I think it’s a bit much for what it actually does. Here’s a quick guide on how to use Soulflaying in Lords of the Fallen.

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    Lords of the Fallen – Soul Flaying, Detailed

    Soulflaying is the act of ripping out a target’s soul using the Umbral Lamp. In combat, when you rip out a soul, you can attack it to counter it. Wither to the target. Wither is represented with a white bar instead of the target’s normal red health bar.

    The more you attack the soul, the more Wither the enemy receives. Once an enemy suffers Wither, he attacks the enemy to deal actual damage equal to the white bar of health. This is very effective against enemies that would otherwise be resistant to your attacks. Outside of combat, Soulflaying can be used to solve environmental puzzles within the Umbra plane.

    To balance this, you are limited to the number of times you can use Soulflaying in combat. Limited charges are shown as blue orbs just below your mana bar.

    Once these blue orbs are depleted, any attempt to skin an enemy will fail and you will be left open to attack. For puzzles and non-combat mechanics, you have an unlimited number of uses. You can restore these charges using the Umbral Lamp’s other mechanic, Siphon.

    Lords of the Fallen – Siphon, explained

    Siphoning is the act of absorbing Umbra material using the Umbral Lamp. It can be used to dispel enemies’ Umbra shields, as well as absorb souls and Soul Blisters.

    Absorbing enemy souls or Soul Blisters will restore your Soulflaying charges. Note that absorbing Soul Blisters can only occur while you are in the Umbral plane. Due to the importance of Siphoning, you can always use it to recharge your Soulflay charges.

    There you have it, reader. The easy to digest version of Soulflaying. I hope this helps you during your adventures in Lords of the Fallen.

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