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    The class you choose in Lords of the Fallen primarily defines your initial experience in the game. Some classes are not the same as others, but they can all become a solid build if you are tenacious. This tier list will highlight which classes are very strong at first and which ones need a little support to get going. If you’re looking to start Lords of the Fallen with a head start, you’ve come to the right place to learn.

    Lords of the Fallen: All Classes Ranked

    S Rank


    Despite the all-caps disclaimer illustrated in the game, the Damned are easily the strongest class in Lords of the Fallen. The class starts with the lowest total stats and lowest level. However, they are all balanced, meaning you can create the class in any configuration you want with a little more effort. This flexibility makes it the best class in Lords of the Fallen.

    Orian preacher

    The Orian Preacher focuses all of his efforts on casting Radiance spells, which are some of the most powerful abilities in the game. Spellcasters rely heavily on the potency of their spells, and what makes this important is that a significant number of strong Radiance spells can be found fairly early in the game. Several bosses give you access to them, making this class the second best to start with.

    a range

    Dark Crusader

    The Dark Crusader is one of the hidden starting classes in Lords of the Fallen, which can only be obtained through an in-game quest or by purchasing the class directly. It starts life with high stamina and vitality, making it the best tank-based class to start the game with. Plus, it comes with the Paldain Pendant, which provides an extra boost to stamina and vitality. If it weren’t for the outliers above, it would easily be the best starting class in Lords of the Fallen.

    Udirangr War Wolf

    The Udirangr Warwolf is a solid starting class in Lords of the Fallen for players looking for a pure martial playstyle. He starts with all basic martial stats above 10, making him very flexible. Having a starting Strength stat of 16 also removes many stat requirement hurdles for some of the most powerful starting weapons in the game.

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    The Partisan takes a more balanced approach to the distribution of starting martial stats. The class starts with gear that takes advantage of balanced stats, making it versatile for many different playstyles.

    Mourning Place Infantry

    The Mourstead Infantry class has a very similar stat to the Partisan, with more focus on Agility and sacrificing a small amount of Vitality. However, what makes this class so strong is the weapon it starts with. Polearms, like spears, have significantly greater range than any other melee weapon in the game, giving you a huge advantage early on.

    Holy Knight

    You may be noticing a trend with the soldier classes in Lords of the Fallen. They are all strong in the early game due to their versatile stat distribution, and the Holy Knight is no exception. The class starts with a very high Toughness stat, making it the best class to start with if you plan on using heavy armor, weapons, and/or shields.

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    Rank B

    Blackfeather Ranger

    The Blackfeather Ranger is the only class that begins life with a bow in hand. It is a soldier class with a slight advantage in agility. However, I have to rank him below the others due to his starting loadout. Having a bow at the beginning of the game is nice, but the rest of the class’s equipment leaves a lot to be desired.

    Exiled Stalker

    The Exiled Stalker is the typical assassin class in Lords of the Fallen. While he has his strengths, such as the starting armor being one of the best-balanced sets in the game, he falls short due to the agility-focused weapons being a bit lackluster. He also starts out throwing knives as a ranged weapon, which underperforms other weapons.


    Pyric Cultist

    Unfortunately, Pyric Cultist is the only starting class I have to classify as C-Tier. While it has a decent starting armor set, where the class falters greatly is in its focus on Inferno spells. Lords of the Fallen is a game where Inferno spells are fairly uncommon from the start. To make matters worse, a large majority of the game’s enemies are resistant to Fire damage. The icing on the cake is that the strong Inferno spells to overcome these obstacles won’t be available to acquire until mid-game. Not the best way to start a soul game.

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