List of cars in Hot Wheels Unleashed 2: Turbocharger


    Including secret cars and Super Treasure Hunt variants, Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 has more than 130 vehicles at launch and more is expected in future patches and DLC. Check out the following list of cars in Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 and see if any of your favorites made it to the game.

    List of 2 cars from Hot Wheels Unleashed

    As with the first entry, developer Milestone has included cars from many different collections. Each model is made with a perfect resemblance to its real-life counterpart and, what’s more, to each other. Can be painted and personalized with vinyl stickers..

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    Vehicle name Collection
    ’71 El Camino 2013 Muscle Mania™
    2018 Ford Mustang GT 2018 Muscle Mania™
    Bassline™ 2005 Accelerators: Teku
    COPO Camaro 2019 Muscle Mania™
    Hollow Back™ 2005 AcceleRacers: metal maniacs
    Maelstrom™ Treasure hunt 2016
    Riveted™ 2005 AcceleRacers: metal maniacs
    Rodger Dodger™ Mattel Games 2021™
    rocketfire™ 2019 HW Space™
    Solid Muscle™ 2017 HW Digital Circuit™
    Street Creeper™ Team Rod 2019™
    Surf and Turf™ 2021 HW Art Cars™
    Ford ’31 Team Rod 2019™
    ’55 Chevy Final race of 2001
    hot wiring HW Track Champions 2023™
    KITT Retro Entertainment 2013: Knight Rider
    Tear Bar™ 2012 Track Builder 5 Pack
    Bone Shaker™ HW 2021 Multipacks
    Custom Volkswagen Beetle 2012 HW Racing™
    Widebody Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat 2023 Fast and Furious™
    Street Creeper™ Team Rod 2019™
    16 Angels™ HW 2021 Multipacks
    2010 Aston Martin DBS 2019 All Stars
    Car-de-Asada™ Fast Food Friends 2022™
    The Superfast™ Color Reveal 2021™
    GT-Scorcher™ HW 2021™ Racing Team
    Hot Seat™ Final race of 2004
    Power Pro™ Mystery Models 2014™
    Fury of Power™ 2005 Accelerators: Teku
    RD-02™ 2005 AcceleRacers
    Roadster™ Bite HW Speed ​​2022™ Team
    Singed Tuner™ HW 2009 Multipacks
    Supercharged™ Hot Wheels™ ID 2021: World Race™
    Twin Mill™ 2014 Then and Now™
    Bully Goat™ 2022 HW Art Cars™
    Dragon Blaster™ 2017 Street Beasts™
    The Second Coupe Dream garage HW 2023
    exotic™ 20212 original hardware
    Golf GTI 2010 Nightburnerz™
    2020 Koenigsegg Jesko 2020 HW exotics
    Sharkruiser™ HW 2012 Multipacks
    1971 Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.8 AMG IWC 2021 Special Edition
    Power Rocket™ Super Cards™ 2018
    BMW 3.9 CSL Racing Car HW Speed ​​Charts 2017
    M3 GT2 Mystery Models 2019™
    Mattel Dream Mobile™ Dream garage HW 2020
    Fast Path 2™ 2007 Street Show™
    Rat Artist™ 2019 51st Anniversary
    DAVancenador™ Spoiler alert 2022™
    Cyber ​​Speeder™ Mystery Models 2021™
    H-24™ prototype Mystery Models 2022™
    Jet™ Menace 3.0 Volcano Thrill Racers 2011
    HW Prototype 12™ Mystery Models 2016™
    LB Super Silhouette Nissan Silvia S15 2022 HW Turbo™
    24 Our™ Mystery Models 2019™
    Bad for the sword HW 2017 Multipacks
    Sol-Aire CX4™ 2011 Los Calientes™
    Glory Hunter™ Retro runner 2022
    MS-T Suzuka™ 2022 HW Art Cars™
    Super Blitz™ Mystery Models 2021™
    Roller™ Toaster Experiments 2019™
    Tricera-Truck™ 2021 Dino Riders™
    Invader™ Cars with Hw code 2012
    Bone Shaker™ Hot Wheels™ Monster Trucks 2020
    Racing Ace™ Hot Wheels™ Monster Trucks 2021
    HW™ Demo Derby Hot Wheels™ Monster Trucks 2020
    Tiger shark Hot Wheels™ Monster Trucks 2020
    5 alarm Hot Wheels™ Monster Trucks 2020
    Diesel Service™ 2019 Police Pursuit™ 5-Pack
    Quick Gassin™ 2019 HW Metro™
    Hot Wheels High™ 2018 HW Metro™
    Tanknator™ 2021 Experimentomotores™
    Volkswagen tow bus 2022 Hot Wheels Boulevard
    1956 Ford Pickup Team Rod 2019™
    Mountain Mauler™ Jungle Rally™ 2018 5-Pack
    Sandivore™ 2019 Baja Blazers™
    Quad Rod™ 2022 HW Sports™ 5-Pack
    British television channel 2008 Desert Race 1000
    Sand Stinger™ Super platforms 2018
    Electric Sander™ 2015 Desert Force™ 5
    BAJA jump truck HW Legends™ 5-Pack 2021
    Street Stealth™ HW Race Day 2020
    Carver™ Cannon Spring Series 2018
    HW450F™ 2022 Baja Blazers™
    Ducati Diavel 2016 2016 HW Moto™
    Ducati Desert X 2023 2023 HW Moto™
    FIAT 500 2018 HW Daredevils™
    Hit Around™ 2018 HW Fun Park™
    Weather Attaxi™ 2021 HW City™ 5-Pack
    14 Corvette Stingray Convertible Mystery Models 2020™
    Aston Martin 1963 DB5 2018 HW Screen Time™
    Classic package 2009 Larry’s Garage
    Goodbye Focal™ II Track Builder 5 Pack 2021
    Split Image II™ Shark Bite™ 2009 Runners
    nissan z 2023 HW J-Imports™
    BMW R nineT Racer Retro runners 2022
    honda s2000 Honda Mini 2020 Collection
    Synkro™ 2005 Aceelacers: Teku
    Ducati 1199 Panigale 2018 HW Moto™
    Night Changer™ Track Builder 5 Pack 2021
    Mini Cooper S HW 2014 Multipacks
    snoopy 2020 HW Screen Time™
    Explosive Lane™ 2017 HW Moto™
    Gucci’s Cadillac Seville (Secret) Hot Wheels Collectors 2021
    Muscle Account™ Dream garage HW 2022
    Audi R8 Spyder 2021 HW exotics
    2016 Bugatti Chiron 2021 HW exotics
    Custom Volkswagen Screen Game 16™ Original 2018
    Rodger Dodger™ Mattel Games™ Super Scavenger Hunt 2021
    Street Sausage™ 2019 HW Metro™
    Twin Mill™ 2014 Then and Now™ Super Scavenger Hunt
    Winning Formula™ Mystery Models 2021™
    Veloci-Racer™ 2020 Street Beasts™
    Group C Fantasy HW Track Champions 2023™
    H-24™ prototype HW Race Team™ 2013 Super Scavenger Hunt
    Night Burner™ Track Builder 5 Pack 2021
    Deora™ II 2003 Road 35™ World Race
    Tanknator™ Experimotors™ Super Scavenger Hunt 2021
    Audi Sport Quattro 2019 Baja Blazers™
    Bad Bagger™ 2021 Llamas HW™
    Back to the future time machine Hot Wheels™ Entertainment 2016: Back to the Future

    These are the cars that will be available in the first week of launch. However, it has been hinted that many more will appear in future updates, so check this list again when the next patch is released.

    For more information on Hot Wheels Unleashed 2: Turbocharged, check out Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 here on MyFullGames.


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