List of Bath Tower Defense Values ​​(2024)


    The Roblox Tower Defense and Skibidi Toilet games are all the rage, and when you put them together, you have a hit on your hands. For the best Toilet Tower Defense units, check out my Toilet Tower Defense value list below.

    All unit values ​​- Roblox Toilet Tower Defense

    The following list is designed to give you an indication of the price of each unit in terms of its commercial value. These prices will fluctuate as more Toilet Tower Defense updates are released. Also, you may not be able to find items at this price as they are not set in stone; They are estimates and should be considered as such.

    Godly and definitive units

    Units Worth Demand
    Enhanced Titan Driller Man 350K higher
    Enhanced Cinemaman Titan 10K High
    Titan Bunny Mech 3.5K Half
    Man present titan 1.8K Half

    Exclusive Units

    Units Worth Demand
    DJ TV man 60K Very high
    Camera engineer 25K Very high
    television spider 25K High
    Hyper-updated Titan Speaker 20K High
    Astro Enhanced Titan Cameraman 4k Half
    Speaker repair drone 1.8K Half
    Men’s Titan Watch 1.4K Half
    scary box 1K Low
    Improved camera spider 1K Low
    scientific box 1K Low
    mace cameraman 850 Low
    shield cameraman 800 Low
    green laser cameraman 750 Low
    camera repair drone 730 Low
    Television man scientist 725 Low
    Scientific cameraman 700 Low
    Jetpack Cameraman 500 Low
    Cameraman Jetpack Mace 400 Very low
    Titan Drill 400 Very low
    Titan Cameraman 350 Very low
    ghost cameraman 300 Very low
    turkey box 300 Very low
    Santa Claus box 275 Very low
    Flamethrower cameraman 250 Very low
    spider box 200 Very low
    Toxic Enhanced Titan Cameraman 100 Very low
    television woman 100 Very low
    Large scientific cameraman 75 Very low
    camera spider fifty Very low
    announcer cameraman fifty Very low
    I saw the upgraded Titan cameraman fifty Very low
    Speaker spider 30 Very low
    DJ speaker 23 Very low

    mythical units

    Units Worth Demand
    Improved Titan Speaker 80K Very high
    corrupt cameraman 60K Very high
    20k 20K High
    Clover Titan Man 18K High
    Big fireworks cameraman 12K High
    Television man chef 9K Half
    Large laser cameraman 7K Half
    Sinister Titan TV Man 6K Half
    Healer TV Woman 3.5K Half
    Titan Sigma Male 3.5K Half
    Enhanced Cinemaman Titan 1K Low
    Cameraman fails 1K Low
    Improved Tech Cameraman 1K Low
    Cameraman Titan Bunny 1K Low
    Filmmaker titan 850 Low
    red laser cameraman 500 Low
    Katana Spokesperson 325 Very low
    Egg throwing cameraman 200 Very low
    shotgun chamber 180 Very low
    Santa Claus TV Man 100 Very low

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    legendary units

    Units Worth Demand
    sinister cameraman 3K Half
    Türkiye’s great spokesperson 650 Low
    Double Bat Spokesman 500 Low
    cameraman elf 500 Low
    TV man meowing 400 Very low
    Frost DJ Spokesperson 350 Very low
    Dark Speaker 150 Very low
    laser camera car 150 Very low
    mechanical cameraman 150 Very low
    ninja cameraman 150 Very low
    Secret Agent 125 Very low
    Titan Spokesperson 150 Very low
    Jetpack spokesperson 150 Very low
    Dancing spokesperson 150 Very low
    Titan TV Man 150 Very low
    cupid cameraman 100 Very low
    Hunter cameraman 100 Very low
    Double Blade Bunny Man 80 Very low
    Cameraman with laser gun 80 Very low
    elf cameraman fifty Very low
    Minigun Cameraman fifty Very low
    Spear Spokesman fifty Very low
    Large TV Speaker for Men fifty Very low
    Big Bunny Man 10 Very low

    epic units

    Units Worth Demand
    pumpkin farmer 500 Low
    Turkish Cameraman 250 Very low
    big cameraman 75 Very low
    rocket cameraman 75 Very low
    Attack helicopter with camera 75 Very low
    Helicopter with camera 75 Very low
    big tv man 75 Very low
    medical cameraman 75 Very low
    Surveillance cameraman 75 Very low
    Bat Speaker fifty Very low
    reindeer spokesperson 30 Very low
    Easter Spokesperson 5 Very low
    microwave man 5 Very low

    rare units

    Units Worth Demand
    fireworks cameraman 900 Low
    Rose Farm Spokesperson fifty Very low
    Monster Spokesperson 25 Very low
    Ohio Cameraman 10 Very low
    Cameraman in brown suit 10 Very low
    great spokesperson 10 Very low
    Helicopter speaker 10 Very low
    television man 10 Very low

    Uncommon units

    Units Worth Demand
    Scary spokesperson 25 Very low
    Astute spokesperson fifteen Very low
    Cameraman 5 Very low
    lucky spokesperson 5 Very low
    car speaker 5 Very low
    Big hearted spokesperson 5 Very low

    Common units

    Units Worth Demand
    cameraman 1 Very low
    Spokesman 1 Very low

    What is a value/price list in Toilet Tower Defense?

    A TTD price list is a table containing the average value of all units or items in the game. With this list, you can compare the value of your item to the average value listed and decide whether to sell, buy, or trade it. For example, if you have an upgraded Titan Cameraman, you can check its average value on the list and use it as a reference when negotiating a trade. After discussing with veteran players and understanding the current market scenario, I carefully selected all the above stocks.

    How does a toilet tower defense stock list work?

    The list of values ​​in Toilet Tower Defense is not arbitrary. It is based on two key factors: rarity and combat value. For example, the upgraded Titan Cameraman has a high market value due to its impressive damage and rarity, making it a prized possession for any player. Understanding these factors can help you make informed decisions in the in-game economy.

    What is Roblox Toilet Tower Defense?

    Toilet Tower Defense is not just another TDS game on the Roblox platform. It is a strategic challenge inspired by the popular Skibidi series created by Alexey Gerasimov. Your main objective is to defend yourself from enemies by tactically placing units on the map before they break into your base. If you are a fan of TDS games like All-Star Tower Defense or Anime World Tower Defense, this game will pique your interest.

    For more information on Roblox Toilet Tower Defense, see here How to Get Titan Cameraman in Toilet Tower Defense and How to Get Titan TV Man in Toilet Tower Defense in Pro Gaming Guides.

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