Lies of P special editions explained: Standard & Deluxe Editions



    Many fans will be wondering about the Lies of P special editions, such as the Standard and Deluxe Editions of the game set to release. Lies of P is the latest game from NEOWIZ, with it having a crack at the increasingly popular Soulslike genre. 

    The game is being developed by a smaller studio, which brings into question whether or not the game will get a physical release – something that isn’t always a guarantee. Lies of P is loosely influenced by Pinocchio, although the game is all about trying to find his creator Geppetto who is missing. 

    Here is all you need to know about the Lies of P editions releasing later this year.

    Will Lies of P get a physical release? 

    Lies of P image showing P in a pond with a butterfly

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    Lies of P will be receiving a physical release. Not only is it receiving a physical release, but it is also coming on the same day as the digital release of the game.

    Sometimes, games from smaller developers will get a physical release, but later down the line once the game has already found some success. 

    What is in the Lies of P Standard Edition? 

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    The Lies of P Standard Edition doesn’t come with any extras, so you just get the base game.

    If you pre-order the game you will also get the Mischievous puppet hat and clothing set. This set is available for pre-order through pre-order and lets the titular P wear a yellow hat, pointy shoes and shorts, exactly how you would expect the traditional puppet to dress.

    What is in the Lies of P Deluxe Edition?

    The Deluxe Edition of Lies of P comes with pre-order bonuses as well as some extra clothes for P. The biggest appeal of this edition will be the 72 hours of Early Access, so you can dive into the world of Krat early.

    Both editions of the game will be available physically, but the bonuses are just digital. Here are the exclusives in the Lies of P Deluxe Edition:

    • The Great Venigni’s Signature Coat
    • The Great Venigni’s Glasses
    • Deluxe Edition Cosmetic Mask
    • Mischievous Puppet’s Clothes
    • Mischievous Puppet’s Parade Hat
    • 72 Hours Early Access

    That’s all you need to know about the different editions of Lies of P arriving soon. If you are still unsure about the game, check out our Lies of P preview, where we compare the game to FromSoftware’s Bloodborne. 

    For more Lies of P, keep reading GGRecon. 



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