Laser cats in MW2 are infuriating Mil-Sim CoD fans.



    Over the past few years, cosmetics have become one of the hottest topics in the world. Call of Duty Community is moving further away from the aesthetics associated with Activision.

    Whether it’s anime operators, flashy crossovers with popular TV shows, or even the ability to transform into a giant humanoid rat, there’s no attempt to preserve a strict military theme anymore.

    For some this is fantastic as there are always new colorful and exciting new skins to collect. However, for others, it’s a disappointing direction for the franchise, and it’s killing their love for the series.

    Well, this frustration of Mil-Sum fans just reached a new level in Season 4 Reloaded, as “Laser Cats” is now taking over completely. MW2 Multiplayer

    Laser cats are taking over MW2 multiplayer.

    leading to Modern Warfare II subreddit, user u/exileonwoodct showed himself moving on an enemy using laser eyes, which also featured a cat operator skin. This combo has become increasingly common in multiplayer recently, with Flynn Bundle and Boys Crossover cosmetics are extremely popular.

    While many users in the thread found the cat with superpowers incredibly funny, others were less happy that it was possible. Call of Duty.

    “I can’t believe what it is. Democratic Charter Done,” said one disappointed player, with another arguing “It all comes down to money… you’re not going to convince 12-year-olds to drop $20 on a realistic skin a few months after release.”

    One even sneered at those who find laser cats amusing, claiming that “it’s wild man to promote it or get excited about it… It’s not what we should be doing if we’re really Cod fans, then the franchise is lost.”

    How much is Cat Operator Bundle in MW2?

    Cat MW2

    Click to enlarge.

    The Cat Operator Bundle, otherwise known as Whisker Tango, costs 2,400 CoD points I MW2 Store it comes with SGT. Sprinkler and Sgt. PSPSPS operator skins as well as blueprints for two weapons.

    Despite the backlash from much of the community, feline-themed cosmetics have been extremely popular. This shows that not everyone is particularly upset about Activision’s departure from the military theme.

    I’m going MW3It seems that designers will continue to release flashy skins and crossovers, as they never fail to garner a lot of attention and revenue.



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