Katana Zero is the sword-wielding cyberpunk fantasy you’re looking for now on Netflix Games

    • Katana Zero is a cyberpunk side-scrolling slasher, out now.
    • Another great title to go to Netflix Games
    • Just beware of the sometimes sharp touch controls

    It is often said that we are living through a very boring version of a dystopian future. Sure we have economic and political instability, but where are the rain-soaked, neon-soaked streets of giant megacities for us to roam? More importantly, where are they? Katanas?

    Yes, in the glorious tradition of Jetstream Sam, Wesley Snipes in Blade and Toshiro Mifune, of all things, you too can prove that practicality isn’t as important as looking cool with Katana Zero. In it, you play as ex-assassin Zero, a man wielding a katana in a world full of guns and treacherous former allies, with no clue as to which one is most deadly to you.

    Just released for Netflix Games, you may have already seen our glowing review of Katana Zero (albeit with a caveat about some of the finicky touch controls). And it’s another great title that hits the sadly oft-overlooked gaming end of a Netflix subscription.

    Check out the trailer for Katana Zero below!

    Slicey Slicey, once twice

    Katana Zero is great on its own, and making the jump to mobile courtesy of Netflix Games is another huge confirmation of our belief that it’s one of the best subscription catalogs out there right now. Of course, we’ve been angry too. That With the idea that good things don’t last forever, so if you want to try out Katana Zero you can check it out now on Netflix Games.

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