Kamen Rider is an upcoming adventure based on the popular superhero franchise.

    • An adventure title set in Rainbow City
    • There are 16 Common Riders in the game.
    • The tentative release date is May 31.

    Bandai has just announced its latest project Kamen Rider, inspired by the hugely popular Japanese superhero franchise of the same name. The training adventure game is set to release on Android and iOS in a few days and will feature 16 different Kamen Riders. In addition, the immersive story and thrilling gameplay promises an engaging experience.

    In Kamen Rider, you will be transported to Rainbow City, a place that has managed to sustain both nature and civilization. You are the protagonist of the story and interestingly, you are not a Kamen Rider yourself. One day, you will learn of a rider who is suffering from amnesia due to all the physical changes resulting from the chaos.

    You will step into the shoes of an agent who supports this common rider on behalf of his late father. This is not the only hero as there will be a total of 16 Kamen Riders available, each with a different age, profession, beliefs and personality. They too have lost their memories and you will be responsible for helping them all get back on their feet.

    It will be an experience unlike any other as the game features an original story written by Yuya Takahashi, who was also part of the Kamen Rider Gates script. A total of 14 chapters will be part of the questline with full voice-over and motion capture. They are designed using Live2D to provide a highly immersive experience.

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    The Chaos Stones form an important part of the gameplay as they are what give the Kamen Riders their powers. You can find them in various locations around town or get them through research. They can be used to train Common Riders who can be found in the Masked Cafe, which is your headquarters from which all activities can be carried out.

    Kamen Rider is currently scheduled to release on May 31.St. You can pre-register by clicking on your favorite link below.


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