JGOD claims MW2 & WZ2 are ‘pushing out Mouse and Key players’


    While Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 are unbelievably popular, they’re certainly not perfect games and the community is regularly pointing out ways the devs could make improvements.

    A criticism that’s often put forward by Call of Duty fans is the overwhelming amount of visual recoil that’s on-screen when firing a weapon.

    Although this isn’t too much of a problem for controller players who have access to aim assist, it can be extremely frustrating for those on MnK who have to be pinpoint accurate.

    In James “JGOD” Godoy’s opinion, this is a huge reason why MW2 and Warzone 2 are pushing MnK players away to other FPS titles.

    JGOD explains why MW2 & WZ2 are pushing away MnK players


    During a recent stream, Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek called out CoD for being a “terrible” game for MnK and explained why he doesn’t enjoy playing it in its current state.

    That game is a f**king monstrosity, it’s a plague for MnK, it is by definition a terrible shooting game for MnK, when you shoot in that game, your screen is covered with bulls**t, you can’t even see what you’re shooting at.”

    JGOD responded to Shroud’s comments via Twitter, arguing, “When one of the Best FPS gamers would choose Halo over Cod because of Visual Shake/Clutter/Occlusion it’s a problem.”

    For him, this is proof “MWII/WZ2 is actively pushing out Mouse and Key players,” which is a significant portion of the community.

    Visual recoil appears to have been reduced in MW3


    With all eyes looking towards MW3, CoD players are hoping on-screen clutter is an aspect of the game that’s going to be improved in the new title.

    After analysing the gameplay that’s been released, some of the community have noticed that visual recoil is significantly less noticeable in the campaign videos.

    However, this may differ in multiplayer, so we’ll have to wait for the open-beta to see if the devs have paid attention to the community’s requests.


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