Jason Voorhees can escape legal hell and join the mist in Dead by Daylight


    Ever since the licensed chapters were introduced in DBD featuring Michael Myers, fans have been asking for the iconic Friday the 13th killer to be added. Recently, it looks like Jason has a chance to escape legal hell and join the Killers of Dead by Daylight .

    The idea of ​​Jason joining the Mist in DBD has been around for a long time, which isn’t surprising considering how iconic he is in the horror genre. However, the first sign that he was not going to join the universe was Friday the 13th the Game, another asymmetrical horror game set in Camp Crystal Lake. While not as popular as DBD, the game had amassed a large following.

    However, its success was cut short due to a legal claim over intellectual property in 2018. The game still has active players in 2024, but it hasn’t received an update since June 2018. So, Jason has officially been in legal hell for approximately six years.

    So what was the problem? Victor Miller, the writer of the original Friday the 13th film, returned to fight for ownership of the intellectual property. He could do so thanks to the Copyright Law, which states that an author of a work can claim ownership of said work after 35 years.

    The lawsuit ended with Victor Miller owning the first film, while Sean Cunningham (the director) kept the rights to all sequels. With the legal battle over, that means we can get new Jason content! You can follow the Jason Universe Website and all its social networks to know the future of the franchise.

    What will happen in the world of video games when it comes to Friday the 13th content? Well, Jason will be joining the cast of Multiversus at launch. This, of course, has led to some funny memes from the DBD fandom.

    While it’s fun, it’s also a good sign for Dead by Daylight. It means that Horror Inc. is willing to collaborate with the games. And what better collaboration than with one of the biggest names in the horror video game genre?

    Another sign supporting the theory that Jason Vorhees will finally enter the fog is the Dead by Daylight roadmap. In March 2025, there will be a licensed chapter featuring only the Assassin. While nothing has been announced yet, and most likely not until 2025, the community has high hopes.

    This wouldn’t be the first time Behavior Interactive (the studio behind DBD) has waded into legal licensing waters. We can all remember when they lost the Stranger Things episode license and the joy of having it again (hopefully it stays). If anyone can do it, it would be BHVR. The next chapters of DnD and Castlevania show how much they have improved their game this year.

    I sincerely hope we get to experience Jason at tryouts. With the 2v8 mode incoming and the developers stating that there will be future iterations with more Killers added to the original roster of five, I can’t help but hope for a combination of Freddy and Jason. I know Freddy is near the bottom of everyone’s tier list, but I really want something to make up for my disappointment that there was never a sequel to the iconic Freddy vs Jason movie.

    If you want to know how to play the iconic DnD villain, check out All Dead by Daylight Vecna’s perks and abilities in Pro Gaming Guides.

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