Is there early access to Forza Motorsport?


    Forza Motorsport is the latest entry in the series developed by Turn 10 Studios. The game will be released on October 10 for Xbox Series X|S and PC. However, every fan’s question about any new game is this: is it early access? And if so, how can they achieve it?

    How to get early access to Forza Motorsport

    Good news: Forza Motorsport does have early accessthat opens in October 5th. There are three different editions of Forza Motorsport: Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition, and Premium Edition. The only way to get early access is with a VIP membership, which is unlocked only when you purchase a Premium edition.

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    What is Premium Plugin Bundle?

    Game Pass users will be able to play the standard edition of Forza Motorsport included with their current membership. For $35.99, Game Pass members can upgrade their game and get a VIP membership. early accessand all the benefits included with the Premium Edition.

    For those who want to upgrade their Standard Edition, the only version of the game that has a physical copy, to a Premium Edition, you can purchase the Premium Add-Ons Pack.

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    What time can you play Forza Motorsport?

    Exact release times are not yet confirmed, but the Standard and Deluxe editions will likely be available at midnight any time local time. October 10th. And if you pre-ordered the game, you can start downloading it on October 5th.

    How much space do you need for Forza Motorsport?

    If you’re thinking about pre-ordering and pre-loading the game, you may need to leave room for it. I had to get a new solid state drive for my PC because I had no space left on the old one.

    Approximate download sizes are:

    • Xbox Series 133GB
    • Xbox Series S: 97GB

    For more information on Forza Motorsport, see Forza Motorsport takes technology to the next level here at Pro Gaming Guides.


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