Is there Denuvo in Lords of the Fallen?


    Lords of the Fallen is a souls-like title that features dual worlds, two-player co-op, and the hardcore combat the genre is known for. The first thing that caught my attention was the world and the enemy design, but I also like playing online with my friends, especially since they are better than me at Soul-likes. However, with an online game, I was worried that Lords of the Fallen would have Denuvo.

    Does Lords of the Fallen have Denuvo?

    lords of the Fallen has no denuvoand here they are there are no plans to add it to the game. Initially, fans were concerned about Denuvo and its possible impact on Lords of the Fallen, but the developer, Hexworks, confirmed via lords of the Fallen There are no plans on Twitter for Denuvo to ever be added to Lords of the Fallen, meaning fans can rest easy knowing the show won’t be included.

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    What is Denuvo?

    Denuvo is a anti-tamper and anti-cheat software many games use. Denuvo requires online verification, so some games may not work until you connect at least once. You may also need to be online periodically to recheck some games. Additionally, Denuvo can limit modding, which is very important in the PC community.

    Players are hesitant whenever a game uses Denuvo as it implies that you don’t completely own the game. Denuvo is rumored to cause issues with gaming, such as stuttering, but this is not 100% confirmed. Denuvo is generally frowned upon and many do not even purchase games using Denuvo and see it as an issue of principle rather than practicality.

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