Is the Dino Crisis an Exoprimal Part of the Universe?


    Ever since the game first came out, people have been speculating about it. Exoprimal is part of Dino Crisis Universe, so we’re here to clear the air. It’s easy to see why people have made this connection, considering this. a game About Dinosaurs from Capcom – But Is It a Weak Connection?

    Read on for the answer to the question – Yes Exoprimal part of Dino Crisis Universe?

    Is the Dino Crisis an Exoprimal Part of the Universe?

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    Exoprimal is not part of Dino Crisis Universe Or a secret sequel to help reboot the long-dead franchise.

    This was first confirmed by the game’s director Takuro Hiraoka during an event. Interview with IGN In June 2022. “No, the game is its own unique thing and has nothing to do with it. Dino Crisis” Hiraoka confirmed.

    While this may upset some fans of the franchise, it’s also probably for the best. Both the series are completely different in tone and genre. — with the former Dino Crisis Being a slow horror game from Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami Exoprimal is a multiplayer shooter.

    Dino Crisis There may still be a chance for old games to be revived with re-releases or outright remakes on modern platforms – and we know how fond Capcom is of remakes right now.

    However, at this point we can only speculate as the company is yet to confirm whether it has any plans for a franchise.

    Every time it seems like it showcases and DC Apparently, there’s been an outcry from fans online, so Capcom must have heard the constant frustrated responses.

    All this is to our detriment though Exoprimal is part of Dino Crisis universe, and now you know it’s a separate franchise entirely.

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