Is Lyney worth pulling for in Genshin Impact?



    Lyney is a Genshin Impact five-star Pyro bow user. Being the first five-star unit from Fontaine, he has a lot to live up to, but HoYoverse took a huge gamble by giving him a niche kit that isn’t the most beginner-friendly. If you’re thinking about whether to drop all your Primogems on Lyney or save for the next banner, here are some things that may help you make the big decision.

    Should you pull for Lyney in Genshin Impact?

    Lyney is a DPS character akin to a Pyro Ganyu in that he mainly uses his Charged Attack to dish out damage. It’s important to know that his kit revolves around using his Charged Attack. Since he’s a bow user, you must enter the Aimed Shot mode and wait a few seconds before releasing his attack. This in itself can make his gameplay feel cumbersome—especially on mobile, as Lyney generally demands on-field time (though quickswapping is also possible depending on his team comp).

    Lyney is also dependent on a mono Pyro team to bring out his full potential. This is very limiting for a few reasons:

    • He won’t be effective in Abyss assortments with a lot of Pyro Resistance and shields.
    • As of Version 4.0, there’s no reliable Pyro shielder in the game. A shielder is necessary for ease of gameplay, as the bow’s Charged Attack takes a while to set up. Without a shielder, Lyney becomes prone to interruption.
    • New players may find it difficult to assemble enough Pyro units to support Lyney.

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    With that said, Lyney is someone who lacks overall versatility. He’s not Nahida, who can slot into any Dendro Reaction team. He’s not Xiangling, who can be used as a sub-DPS in any Pyro Reaction team. He’s not Kazuha, whose Swirls can be used in any non-Dendro team. But what Lyney lacks in versatility, he makes up for in raw damage. Like Ganyu, Lyney requires little investment to amp up his numbers and isn’t power-blocked by Constellations, so he’s fairly easy to build.

    Overall, I recommend pulling for Lyney if you like his design, can accept his Charged Attack-focused kit, can put together a mono Pyro team, or need a Pneuma-aligned unit in your roster. Personally, I’m skipping—but only because I’ll be going all-out in Version 4.1’s double husbando banner.

    If you decided to pull for Lyney, check out our Best Lyney build in Genshin Impact – Weapons, Artifacts, & more! here on MyFullGames.



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