Is Baizhu worth pulling in Genshin Impact 3.6?


    Oh yeah. It’s always good to boot into Genshin Impact for that new update scent that blooms every few months. Content Update 3.6 looks to give the game a healthy dose of new content, and with that comes a new character. Now we must ask ourselves if rolling for the new character, in this case Baizhu, is worth getting the valuable coin. After all, primogems are not cheap, so it is worth considering the certainty of the quality and value of the character. If you’re wondering if Baizhu is worth betting on, then you’ve come to the right place, dear reader. Here is everything you need to know.

    Is it worth rolling for Baizhu in Genshin Impact?

    Baizhu is an interesting character due to his element and abilities within Genshin Impact. His role is one of support, and he offers it through healing and protection. Also, like Dendro, it has an inherent value attached to it for being part of such a versatile item. But do we think it’s worth shooting for? Yeah and No. listen to us.

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    The fact that Baizhu is a supporting character is both a positive and a negative due to the way Genshin Impact is typically played. The Spiral Abyss is by far the most difficult content Genshin has to offer. While DPS is usually king there due to the timer requirements, having solid support with a great elemental application tends to be a net benefit.

    Baizhu’s Dendro app is quite limited unless you have constellations, which is not conducive to making a recommendation to it. However, he fills several supporting roles at the same time in C0. Baizhu, being both a healer and a protector, frees up valuable space in team comps, which is ideal when placing characters in the Spiral Abyss.

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    The real question about Baizhu’s value is whether or not his account needs another solid support character. With characters like Kokomi and Kuki around, Baizhu’s value is reduced. We don’t think it’s superior to either in C0. This is because both Kokomi and Kuki offer arguably better support through their healing and a more consistent elemental application of their respective items.

    Then, there’s the matter of the other 3.6 banners: Nahida and Nilou. Nahida alone is vastly superior to Baizhu in everything but healing, but she still brings so much more to your account due to her extreme versatility, damage, buffs, and Dendro application. Us highly recommend go for it first if you haven’t acquired it yet. Nilou is more of a niche character, so while we don’t necessarily recommend turning Baizhu on its head, keep in mind that she offers a unique playstyle that doesn’t exist anywhere else in Genshin Impact.

    All of that said, we think Baizhu is a solid character to turn to if you need another support that happens to be Dendro, or just like the character. However, we think it would be better to save your primogems for a more valuable character in the future.

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