Indian Bike Driving 3D Cheat Codes (October 2023)


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    Updated: October 4, 2023

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    Indian Bikes Driving 3D is one of the most popular open world driving games on the Google Play store. Unlike other racing games, there is no particular objective in the game; You just enter the map and drive fancy vehicles. If you are bored, blow up various building infrastructures using weapons and create havoc in the city. Overall, it’s a fun game that thrives on the chaos you create.

    While it was all fun and engaging at first, after a while I got bored of using the old vehicles to drive, which made me lose interest in the game. But, thanks to the Cheat Code provided by the developers, I drive a fancy car every day in the game. So if you want such stylish vehicles in your game, keep reading this guide till the end. Also, if you love mobile games like Indian Bikes Driving 3D, check out our other codes articles to get Brown Dust 2 codes and Call of Duty Mobile codes.

    List of All Indian Bike Driving 3D Cheat Codes

    Indian Bike Driving 3D Cheat Codes (Working)

    • 4040—Unlock a tank
    • 5050—Unlock a dinosaur
    • 2020—Unlock effort
    • 9—Unlock night mode
    • 1212—Unlock a truck
    • 01212—Unlock a truck with trailer
    • 606—Unlock a fire truck
    • 1001—Unlock a legendary
    • 300—Unlock a Tarzen
    • 4050—Unlock an Apache
    • 4000—Unlock a Porsche
    • 600—Unlock a dog
    • 12345—Unlock more NPCs
    • 54321—Unlock more traffic cars
    • 700—Unlock a Lamborghini v2
    • 00—Unlock a fuel tank
    • 2000—Unlock a Rolls Royce
    • 3333—Unlock a Lamborghini
    • 800—Unlock a Bugatti v2
    • 4444—Unlock a Bugatti Chiron
    • 8888—Unlock a Duke 1290
    • 7777—Unlock a Duke 200
    • 8000—Unlock a helicopter
    • 0015—Unlock a Yamaha R15
    • 999—Unlock a Yamaha Vmax
    • 888—Unlock a Yamaha FZ10
    • 1211—Unlock a pulsar
    • 5000—Unlock a Pulsar Rs200
    • 1190—Unlock a new KTM
    • 1210—Unlock a KTM
    • 9000—Unlock a splendor
    • 400—Unlock a Zx10r bike
    • 2222—Unlock an all-terrain vehicle
    • 6000—Unlock a Tron bike
    • 666—Unlock a Benelli TNT
    • 500—Unlock an Audi
    • 5555—Unlock a Ghost Rider bike
    • 9090—Unlock a Thar
    • 9999—Unlock a Royal Enfield bullet
    • 555—Unlock a plane
    • 6666—Unlock a Range Rover
    • 1111—Unlock a cycle
    • 900—Unlock a Koeignness
    • 7000—Unlock a Hayabhusa
    • 333—Unlock a Scorpio classic
    • 444—Unlock a Scorpio S11
    • 777—Unlock a Ducati Diavel
    • 3000—Unlock a Kawasaki Ninja H2r
    • 0000—Unlock an Activa 4G
    • 1000—Unlock a Fortuner
    • 2222—Unlock a new car
    • 1190—Unlock a Wagonr car
    • 4215—Unlock a duke
    • 9129—Get infinite health
    • 0—Get a tank of gas
    • 1215—Perform a super jump
    • 1216—Perform an Ultra Super jump
    • 1120—Perform a Skyfall
    • 1112—Activate slow motion mode
    • 7112—Activate lunar gravity
    • 2—Begets a girl
    • 1—Begets a child
    • 200—Unlock a horse/bag
    • 002—Get a tattoo on your skin

    Indian Bike Driving 3D Cheat Codes (Expired)

    • There are no expired codes for Indian Bike Driving 3D.

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    How to Redeem Cheat Codes in Indian Bike Driving 3D

    Activate Indian Bike Driving 3D cheat codes, follow the steps below.

    Image from MyFullGames
    • Open the game and press the play button.
    • Click the Cell Phone icon in the main menu.
    • Select the Contact option and open the Keyboard.
    • Type any of the cheat codes and press the dial button to activate it.

    How can you get more Indian Bikes Driving 3D Cheat Codes?

    Apart from this page, you can get cheat codes or updates for Indian Bikes Driving 3D from the game page. official youtube channel and Google Play Store description. Still, I highly recommend bookmarking our page as we test each code and update the page periodically.

    Why aren’t my Indian Bikes Driving 3D Cheats Codes working?

    There can be two reasons why Indian Bikes Driving 3D codes are not working. First of all, cheat codes are case sensitive, so enter the correct codes by checking the spelling. Second, they could be expired! Copy and enter the ones listed in the Active section, then the expired ones.

    Other ways to get free rewards in Indian Bikes Driving 3D

    In addition to these cheat codes, you can always get free cars, planes and bikes within the map if exploring the city. If you find an attractive car, ride next to it and use the interaction button to take it for a spin.

    What is Indian Bikes Driving 3D?

    Indian Bikes Driving 3D is an open world racing game on the Android platform with over 100 million downloads. Drive around the map with world-class vehicles produced by manufacturers such as Rolls Royce, Lamborghini and Yahama. In addition to driving, you can select any weapon from your inventory and destroy the unstable city infrastructure.

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