In this bag, Elden Rings Yve Award winners were GOTY Tally, according to the World Game of the Year Awards


    Elden Ring looks like the winningest video game of 2022, and he doesn’t even have the big screen on it. The recent report from the Resetera review shows over 200 outlets giving a Game of the Year award for the latest software article.

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    The main post details the entire project and includes the most successful games. It explains what is called a media outlet and other technical aspects, if you want to know the specifics. Here’s the complete list as of January 1st:

    Most awards have been given to those who attended the major event of the GOTY awards (from the January one to the end of January 2023)

    Elden Ring 225. FromSoftware/ Bandai Namco Entertainment PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One & Xbox One & Series. Please give me a call.

    God of War (Bragnarok) 43. Santa Monica Studio / Sony Interactive Entertainment PS4 / PS5 / PS5 / x4 / x4 / x5. Media outlets: 35;Readers’ choice: 8; Total+ Non-ineligible stores: 49; 35; 39; 37; 24; 3:10; 36; 34; 32; 20; 22; 32; 36; 12:10; 28; 8:0; 25:05; 15:00; 25:0, 10:00; 21:59; 31:20; 35:4:3; 35:55:8; 60:10; 28:30:30 – 35:4:45;

    Immortality 5 Sam Barlow / Half Mermaid Productions PC, Xbox Series, Android, iOS & macOS/ PC, Xbox. Media Outlet: 5 o’clock.

    Pentiment 4 Xbox One / Universal Studios / GB, MB, Sony Studio / Xbox Game Studio / MB. Media Outlets: 4 yen.

    0 people are sleepy 2. Jump Over the Age / Traveller Switch, PC, Xbox Series & macOS /etc. Media outlets: 2 o’clock.

    2. Luca Galante, XBox One, Xbox One, Android, iOS and MacOS. Media outlets: 2 o’clock.

    Two A-story books. Monolith Soft / Nintendo Switch. Media outlets: 2 o’clock.

    Horizon Forbidding West 2 (Severe) Guerrilla Games/ Sony Interactive Entertainment PS4 & PS5 / Sony Interactive Entertainment PS4 and PS5 / PS4 / PS4 & amp; PS5 / PS3 1|Reader’s Choice: 1″

    Plague Tale Requiem 1: Plague Tale Requiem. Media Outlet: 1:00.

    Count of the Lamb 1 – Cult of the Lamb. Media Outlets: 1 euro.

    Just dance 2023 1 Newspaper magazines: 1.1

    King of the Fighters XV 1 – King of the Fighters. Media shops: 1:1.

    The Last of us Part 1: Our last tenth. Media Outlets: 1

    Marvels Midnight Suns 1 1 o’clock media outlet.

    Shearn Black 1:2 Media outlets: 1 store in one store.

    Norco 1 Media Outlets: 1.

    PowerWash Simulator 1 is possible. Media outlets: 1

    Rogue Legacy 2 Media outlets: 1 buy one of the stores.

    Sniper Elite 5 1 The media outlet: 1 ml

    Tunic 1 1 outlet for media: 1 place in the market.

    Wordle 1 Media store: 1 store.

    Modern warfare 2: Modern warfare 2 1 Pick the reader: 1:15.

    If you want to continue following the thread as it gets updated, you can check it here, where you can find all the awards.

    A recent study showed that every twenty-plus years were the same in Elden Ring’s pocket. If you want to play this game, check out the top 10 of 2022 games where we go with our favourite titles from the year.

    Source: Resetera.


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