In China, the Analogue of the electric Hummer EV developed a 1000-horse power Donfeng M-Hero 917 with crab mode


    The Chinese company Donfeng introduced a huge electric crossover M-Hero 917. It is going to be produced under the Mengshi brand. Because the car has a rear wings, the car is a competitor to the American GMC Hummer EV.


    In addition to its appearance, the Chinese hummer is equipped with the tyre for such a fast approaching lobster mode. All four wheels of the SUV bend in the same direction at the same angle, because of this car’s ability to make a beautiful parallel crossing. Moreover, such a function can be useful when parallel parking is limited in urban spaces.

    Dongfeng Mengshi M-Hero 917 was built on the M-Tech platform. The car is equipped with 4 electric motors with 1000 horsepower. Every hundred hundred in less than one second, the novelty makes more sense. The M-Hero 917 power is one-off about 500 km.

    The car has a 3rd-grade autopilot and many driver assistance systems. The maker of M-Hero 917 is going to be in Hubei province. It will soon go on sale, but it hasn’t been announced any cost of that car yet.

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