Hunting location, how to defeat and all rewards


    Agni is the hunting ground for the infamous sign Final Fantasy 16 Finding out can be a daunting task, but the rewards of doing so are enormous once you do.

    While in the Hunt Board the game will give you clues as to where each of the infamous marks is, you may need a little help finding the right spot to locate your quarry and defeat it.

    Here, we’ll break down everything you need to know to find Agni. Final Fantasy 16including the location of the map, tips on how to beat it and the rewards you get for doing so – so read on.

    Where is Agni in Final Fantasy 16? Hunting map location

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    As you can see in the map location above, Agni Hunt Inn Final Fantasy 16 Is Located in Waloed. Will be your best fast travel point. The edge of the infinity marker.

    From there, sir North to Halfcombe And make for a large open area along the way. When you enter the arena, Agni will come into the barrel to start the battle.

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    How to beat Agni in Final Fantasy 16

    Hunt Board In Final Fantasy 16's Highway, where can Agni hunt the infamous Mark?

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    Agni to defeat the infamous mark Final Fantasy 16you have to take care of your time. Precise dodge Be careful to maximize your damage and secure a window to attack.

    Despite its size, Agni can be quite fast and often. charge In Clive however, it can get a little tiring after that charge, so it’s time to punish his staggered bar. Gauze of Garuda Ekon potential.

    It also has some ranged attacks, due to the ability spit a river of fire upon you And your party when you get a little too far from it. However, you can retaliate with other ranged abilities like Precision Projectiles and Heatwave.

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    What are the Agni Hunt rewards in Final Fantasy 16?

    An image of Agni as it appears on the hunt board in Final Fantasy 16.

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    As Agni is one. Oh tire The infamous Mark, the rewards for defeating him are substantial. To defeat Agni Final Fantasy 16you will be awarded with:

    • 8000 EXP
    • 100x Qualification Points
    • 1x Stone Tongue

    The Stone Tongue is a particularly valuable reward, as it is a unique craft that can be used to fortify and craft weapons with Blackthorn the Blacksmith.

    That’s all you’ll need to find and defeat Agni and claim tons of rewards. Final Fantasy 16.

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