How to visit coastal columns in Fortnite


    To complete one of the Earth Chakra quests in Fortnite, you will need to visit the Coastal Columns and Mount Olympus. While visiting Zeus’s own home is relatively easy, given its named location on your map, Coastal Columns is a little more hidden, so let me show you where to visit Coastal Columns in Fortnite.

    Fortnite Coastal Columns Location

    Coastal Columns can be found west of Pleasant Piazza in a lightly developed area on your map. I’ve circled its exact location on the map below.

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    The easiest way to get here is to simply jump off the Battle Bus at the start of the game and head straight towards it. You’ll know you’re in the right place once you’ve headed west of Pleasant Piazza when you start to see buildings, stone columns, and a Poseidon Fishstick statue. Damn, I love that fish.

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    When you see this area, simply land on it and as soon as you do, the quest will appear. Please note that it could be quite busy while the Avatar Elements event is ongoing. It was when I completed this challenge, so I landed on the outskirts of the area and then ran out as soon as the notification appeared on the screen to tell me I had completed the mission.

    Once you’ve checked the coastal columns off your list, you may need to head to Mount Olympus. As I mentioned above, this is marked on your map and can be found in the southeast desert section of the Fortnite map. Even better, you don’t need to visit the Coastal Columns and Mount Olympus in the same game, so you’re better off landing there directly from the Battle Bus in another game.

    As long as you are close to Coastal Columns, it is worth staying. You can find one of the Fortnite campfires you need to light for the Fire Chakra quests just south of the Coastal Columns and a cabbage cart on the beach to the southeast. There’s even an Earth Elemental Shrine on top of the hill just to the southeast.

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