How to use Focus Mode (and what it’s for) in Rusty’s Retirement


    Rusty’s Retirement has many different settings that you can play with to optimize the game to best suit your play style. Whether you have the game on the bottom or side of your computer screen, you may want to occasionally access Focus Mode, a feature found in the game settings that can be useful when you need to focus on something. more than your idle agriculture. experience.

    What is focus mode and what is it for?

    We know that focus mode in Rusty’s Retirement slows down crop production (as it says in the settings menu below), but it may seem like an odd addition to an idle game that you’re supposed to leave running on your screen while you do it. anything else.

    The goal of focus mode is to allow you to walk away from the game without having empty farm fields and lazy robots wandering around not doing their job.

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    Idle games are usually played in a way that allows players to earn more items or money to purchase them by actively playing. They don’t require your full attention, often just needing you to keep tapping the screen or occasionally do a few tasks before leaving the game running while you do something else.

    Many idle games take up the entire screen, which is what makes Rusty’s Retirement such a unique game. The game continues whether you interact with him or not, but you will eventually run out of things on your farm for Rusty and his friends to water, harvest, or build on.

    What focus mode does to fix this issue is slow down some of the events that occur in the game while you play. Once activated, any crop takes twice as long to grow as when you don’t have focus mode activated.

    5 Ways to Use Focus Mode in Rusty’s Retirement

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    You can activate Focus Mode at any time from the settings menu, simply by clicking the white box next to it. If you see the “OK” mark in the box, the focus mode is already active.

    The best way to use focus mode is when you want to focus on something else while working on your PC or laptop. When focus mode is on, your robots will be forced to slow down while guarding your farm due to the slower production time.

    But having work to do in real life isn’t the only reason to use focus mode in Rusty’s Retirement. This feature has other benefits that can also work well for your game.

    1. Stop the use of Biofuels

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    When the production rate doubles, your robots will use less biofuel because they are not moving crops to the generator as much. The positive side of this is that you won’t return to the game and find that most of your biofuel has been used while you were idle.

    You will often get less biofuel than spare parts, although biofuel is worth more and you can convert it to spare parts whenever you want. Returning to the game and seeing that your biofuel has been used is not ideal.

    2. Look at your achievements

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    The downside to idle games that continue running while you’re offline or idle is that you lose a lot of gaming time. Events may occur while you are offline and you may miss achievements if you are not actively watching the game.

    With focus mode, your entire farm will slow down because your crops will take much longer to grow. Several achievements in Rusty’s Farm are related to the production of spare parts and biofuels, and it’s always disappointing to miss that little Steam announcement that you have a new game achievement.

    3. Organize your farm

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    By slowing down the production of your crops, you can plant all your crops at around the same time instead of them growing and harvesting at completely different rates.

    After all, seeing consistency in a dead game is one of the best feelings. I hate seeing my farm in different stages of growth and all messy. That’s why I started adding the crop patch signs too!

    4. Take advantage of longer crop production times

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    While trying focus mode in Rusty’s Retirement, keep in mind that it is better to plant crops that have longer growing times than shorter ones. There is no point in using it if you are only going to plant wheat, radishes and cabbages, or if you only have one biofuel generator on your farm.

    To properly use the Focus Mode feature, grow cauliflower or more. This will ensure that you have more time (over an hour) to take care of the other responsibilities you have before having to get back into the game and plant more crops. This also means that you won’t have to wait for your plants to arrive because you won’t be interacting with the game as much while in focus mode.

    5. Play other games at the same time.

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    This may seem like an odd ending, but I was able to play another game at the same time as Rusty’s Retirement thanks to the Focus Mode feature. Although the game can remain on your screen while you do other things, you can minimize it without stopping the game. Or reduce the size to take up less screen.

    If you’re someone who has a hard time focusing on one thing at a time or you like multitasking, you might like to use focus mode to have Rusty’s Retirement run alongside another game you like. Recovering Rusty’s Retirement can also give you something to do between game breaks or while waiting in Overwatch queues. Personally, I played it alongside Spirit City: Lofi Sessions because it has my to-do list and a productivity timer to keep me focused.

    Now that you understand the uses of this feature, consider the other possibilities you have when playing an idle farming game that you don’t need to continually play to advance.

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