How to upgrade medallions in The Rogue Prince of Persia


    In The Rogue Prince of Persia, players must upgrade Medallions to use them to their full potential. I’ll teach you how to upgrade Medallions to help you survive your next Rogue Prince of Persia run.

    Rogue Prince of Persia Medallion Upgrade Guide

    In Rogue Prince of Persia, upgrading medallions means upgrading the Medallion slots use Medallions instead of upgrading the Medallions themselves. One player will have four Medallion slots in each race. Each slot will have three stars below it, representing the number of upgrades the Medallion placed in that slot will have. At the start of each race, both the Medallion slots and their stars will be colorless and empty.

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    Naturally, players will find medallions during their careers. When checking out a Medallion, there are two things related to upgrades that you will want to check.

    • The circles below the name, indicated by the white arrow, show which Medallion slot the Medallion will upgrade. For Spartan, the first circle is empty, while the circle to his right has two green arrows. This means that placing the Spartan Medallion in a slot will upgrade the slot directly to its right.
    • The bullets, indicated by the yellow arrow, show the Medallion’s abilities. The symbol to the left of the skills shows what level the Medallion must be upgraded to in order to use that skill.
      • single point The Medallion can always use this ability.
      • 1 star – The Medallion must be upgraded once.
      • 2 stars – The Medallion must be upgraded twice.
      • 3 star – The Medallion must be upgraded three times.

    After collecting a Medallion, you will be directed to the Medallion slot screen. The Medallion will float over the currently selected slot. The slots you would upgrade in that position will be outlined in green and will have two green arrows on the right side.

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    Once the Medallion is placed, a star will be added to the slot to symbolize how many times it has been upgraded. One star means it was updated once, two stars means twice, and three stars means three times.

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    Repeat this process filling the rest of the spaces with Medallions. When each space is filled with a correctly placed Medallion, they will all be upgraded to some degree. Be sure to focus on upgrading slots with Medallions that require higher upgrades, like Vampiric Demise.

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    Medallion Update Limitations

    There are some limitations to keep in mind when leveling up Medallions. The first involves placing Medallions in certain slots, while the other involves ditching an old Medallion for a new one.

    Medallion slot position

    The most important limitation to remember is that each Medallion will only be useful in certain spaces. If you put a Medallion in a slot that doesn’t use its upgrades, you’re setting yourself up for failure later. For example, let’s look at the Medallion of Blood Loot. Your best placement is third or fourth, so your upgrades will be awarded to two other Medallions.

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    However, players who place it in the first slot will not use these two upgrades. They will still have the Medallion, but it will do nothing to improve the Medallions around it. The second slot is a little better, but you’re still missing a crucial update.

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    There are circumstances where this won’t be a bad placement, such as having medallions that can’t be upgraded. In general, though, you’ll want to make sure you get the most out of every Medallion you pick up.

    Replacing medallions

    Any Medallion can be replaced with another one you find during your run. However, replacing a Medallion removes the buffs it had granted to the Medallion slots surrounding it. Depending on the updates provided by the new Medallion, a few things may happen:

    • A Medallion can have an upgrade removed, symbolized by a red outline around the Medallion slot. There will also be two red arrows on the right side of the Gradient Medallion.
    • If the new and old Medallions had overlapping upgrades, the affected Medallions can maintain the same upgrade level. This is shown by a “=” symbol on the right side of the affected Medallion slot.
    • A new Medallion may receive an upgrade. This is shown by a green outline and upward-facing arrows in the Improved Medallion slot.

    Any combination of the three can occur. Medallions that are not affected will look as usual.

    When you replace these Medallions, the star representing the affected upgrade level will be outlined, indicating whether it has increased or decreased. Stars in red will be removed, while stars in green will be added. Stars that are affected but do not change will be outlined in yellow.

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    After replacing it, the star will change to reflect the change. This will help you keep track of all your current Medallion updates.

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