How to upgrade Haki V2 in One Fruit Simulator


    If you’re wondering how to upgrade your Haki to Haki V2 in One Fruit Simulator for Roblox, then we’re here to give you a helping hand.

    One Fruit Simulator is one of many popular Roblox titles that is inspired by the One Piece anime. In this case, Haki is one of the most powerful abilities you can get in the game, and its V2 variant is even stronger than that.

    So, if you’re looking to get your hands on Haki V2 in the game – read on for all the information you’re going to need.

    What is Haki in One Fruit Simulator

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    Haki is an ability that can deliver a great deal of damage in One Fruit simulator. By using it and levelling it up, you can increase your damage output up to x122.

    Additionally, as you level Haki up in One Fruit Simulator, it allows you to use several unique effects for each character, such as Observation Breaks, that can help you dodge attacks from enemies.

    Haki V2 is the upgraded version of this and can be even more devastating, so learning how to upgrade to it is essential, if a little tricky. So read on to find out how to do so.

    How to get Haki V2 in One Fruit Simulator

    Key art of One Fruit SImulator, featuring Luffy and several One Piece characters in Roblox

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    To get Haki V2 in One Fruit Simulator, you’re going to need to follow several steps, such as levelling the base Haki to level 600, completing an assortment of quests and claiming their rewards.

    We’ve detailed the quests you need to complete below:



    Bahn Notes Quest


    Defeat Bahn to claim the Bahn Notes

    Energy Core Quest


    Defeat the Sea Beast to claim the Energy Core

    Robot Parts Quest


    Robot Gear 1 – Secret Room on Marine Island

    Robot Gear 2 – Lier Island

    Robot Gear 3 – Starter Island

    Robot Gear 4 – Boggy Island

    Robot Gear 5 – Baratee

    Robot Gear 6 – Ar Longo Park

    Once you have completed these quests and claimed their rewards, you’ll need to find Su, The Haki Girl, who will give you Haki V2 for 3.5M Beris.

    That’s everything you need to get Haki V2 in One Fruit Simulator. Now that you have him, you’ll be an unstoppable force to be reckoned with.

    If you enjoy other Roblox games, be sure to check out our Roblox homepage for all your code and guide needs.


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