How to Unlock Umami Skills in the Skill Tree in Another Crab’s Treasure


    The skill tree can be seen in the menu at the beginning of Another Crab’s Treasure, but you won’t be able to interact with it for a while. In this guide, I’ll explain everything there is to know about how to unlock Umami’s abilities in Another Crab’s Treasure below.

    How to get Umami skills in Another Crab’s Treasure

    To obtain Umami abilities in Another Crab’s Treasure, you must first collect purple crystals. You can collect these crystals throughout the game, early on in the environment, as well as from special enemies after fighting and defeating them. I’ve included a screenshot of what the crystals look like when you find them in the environment below. You will have to attack them several times to split them into a smaller portion that you can add to your inventory.

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    The only way to unlock Umami skills is by talking to the Moon Snail in its domain. So you’ll have to go through the Moon Snail level first before you can get any of these additional powers. Once you reach the Caracol, he will explain how the abilities work and show you the option to Learn skills. However, there is also the option of Refund skills if you are not satisfied with your choice.

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    All Umami skills and their cost.

    skill name Ability
    shell transport Teleport between found moon shells.
    Streamline Dodge the water mid-jump.
    Housewarming Each shell’s spell can be cast once for free without using an Umami charge.
    Umami Training Increase your MSG by 5. There are three of these skills found in the skill tree for a total increase of 15 MSG.
    circle of life When you defeat an enemy with an Umami-based attack, you will regain a charge and temporarily increase your MSG.
    Elusive prayer When your shell breaks, you become invincible for a couple of seconds. If you attack early, the effect will end.
    Skedaddle Perform a quick backwards dash without any directional cues and you won’t be affected by the weight of your shell.
    Ebb and flow Immediately after dodging an attack with Skedaddle, you will perform a powerful spin attack.
    Skewer While running, perform a quick lunge attack.
    Immersion If you are in the air, perform a downward diving attack.
    scrap hammer A charged attack on a projectile sticks it to the end of its fork and creates a hammer.
    Dispatch When an enemy capsizes, attack their weak points to deal the most damage.
    underwater fishing Throw your fork at enemies to catch them. This ability uses a barbed hook. Larger enemies will be harder to catch.
    Breakwater While aiming at an enemy, you will grab them and deliver a powerful blow with your momentum.
    Stall Release your block when an enemy attacks and stop them in place.
    Aggravation If your shell is hit while blocking, your next attack will deal increased damage.
    Self-repair You will restore recently lost shell health when you deal damage to an enemy.
    Kintsugi Your shell regenerates completely after breaking once per rest.
    Thrust After parrying an enemy, perform a counterattack that will also restore a charge of Umami.
    Natural Defenses Releasing your block while naked will allow you to stop as if you were wearing a shell.

    How to Refund Umami Skills

    To redeem Umami Skills, you need a shark egg. This will refund all the crystals you have put into the skill tree and deselect all skills. So keep in mind that you Only one skill cannot be refunded.. However, there aren’t that many on the tree, so you can easily repurchase the ones you want to keep.

    You will only be able to redeem skills later in the game, as the shark egg can be purchased at new carcinia in the upper crust, which you will reach after defeating the Duchess. Prawnathanthat sells your shell, also sells several other items, including a shark egg for Microplastics 2k.

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