How to unlock the Superi 46 SMG in MW3 and Warzone


    Season 4 of Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone will bring a ton of new content, including a ton of awesome weapons. One of these weapons is the Superi 46 submachine gun and we will explain how to unlock it correctly in the game.

    How to get the Superi 46 SMG in MW3 and Warzone

    The Superi 46 SMG can be unlocked by completing Sector 6 of MW3 and Warzone Battle Pass. To unlock it, players must I need five Battle Pass tokens. The first four tokens will unlock common items like XP boosts and weapon cosmetics (charms, stickers, skins, etc.) and the final token will unlock the Superi 46 SMG. After unlocking the Superi 46 SMG, you will be able to use it in multiplayer, Zombies, and Warzone.

    To obtain this SMG, you will need to accumulate a large amount of XP in the game modes you will play. If you have some Battle Pass XP boosts left, I recommend activating them as they will help you get tokens much faster. Ultimately, though, it depends on how you perform in battle, whether in multiplayer, Zombies, or Warzone. Winning will undoubtedly bring you one step closer to getting the SMG.

    In terms of performance, the Superi 46 is a pretty good SMG, excelling at close range and also quite useful at medium range. The lightweight skeletonized frame not only looks attractive but ensures that it won’t be too difficult to handle. It also has “acceptable” recoil control which is necessary for light weapons. This SMG can also be greatly modified to suit all types of encounters, which is a huge plus. Overall, the Superi 46 seems to be a really powerful weapon to have in the game.

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