How to Unlock The Knave Weekly Boss in Genshin Impact: Fading Candle, Silk Feather, and Denial and Judgment Locations


    The Knave is a weekly boss in Genshin Impact that introduces the fourth Fatui omen, Arlecchino. In the same clearing where he once dueled “Mother,” you must defeat “Father” to claim weekly rewards, including the Vanishing Candle, Silk Feather, and Denial and Judgment.

    These will be used as Talent Ascension materials for Arlecchino and other characters in the future, so consider farming as soon as possible since you will only be able to claim rewards once a week.

    How to Unlock The Knave Weekly Boss in Genshin Impact

    To unlock The Knave Weekly Boss, you must first complete the Arlecchino story mission, Chapter I of the Ignis Purgatorius Chapter, when the hearth flame goes out. Requires you to complete the following prerequisites:

    Unlike events, it is not possible to skip prerequisites to unlock Story Quests, so you will have to complete all Archon Quests up to Fontaine. Additionally, it costs one story key to unlock the Arlecchino story mission. When starting out, you can start concentration mode to avoid overlapping with other missions.

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    After completing the Arlecchino story quest, a domain called scattered ruins It will appear in Mont Esus East, located north of the Court of Fontaine. You can teleport directly to the area and interact with the ruins entrance to begin the battle.

    You can fight The Knave as much as you want, but you can only claim rewards once a week. Spend 30 to 60 Resins after the battle (the discounted rate applies to your first three weekly boss collections of the week) to randomly obtain Vanishing Candle, Silk Feather, or Denial and Judgment.

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    How to defeat The Knave in Genshin Impact

    The battle against The Knave is complicated as it bombards you with many attacks, moves around the map quickly, and applies the Link of Life to party members. These should be kept in mind when teaming up against her:

    • Bring a trusted healer to heal the Bond of Life.. It is impossible to stay alive in this battle without a healer.
    • If you are not good at dodging quick attacks, bring a shield with a very strong shield; This was the first boss where my Zhongli’s shield was often destroyed before the cooldown reset.
    • Don’t use characters with stationary abilities, such as Yae Miko’s totems or Kokomi’s jellyfish. The Knave flits around the map very quickly, so abilities that force you to remain stationary will slow you down.
    • Consider bringing a DPS with a decent range/hitbox, as The Knave sometimes flies and is small compared to other bosses, so it can be difficult to hit. However, a bow user is not required.
    • Being a Pyro boss, the best way to defeat The Knave is by using Elements that react with Pyro, including Dendro, Hydro, Cryo, and Electro.
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    The Knave has a lot of abilities with dodgeable hitboxes, but they tend to cover a large area on the map and only give you a second to dodge. He pays attention and tries to avoid them as much as possible. Other attacks can be dodged with practice or a shield, but remember that The Knave’s damage is generally very high, so be careful with your shield’s health and cooldown.

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    If you’re having general loading issues with Genshin Impact, pay attention to the moment when The Knave transforms into Peruere. Yo I highly recommend skipping the animation cutscene. Doing so will give you full visibility of the hitbox of the next attack, giving you a few seconds to dodge it. The attack is especially hard-hitting and can easily OHKO soft units. If your device is slow or sluggish, you will lose the narrow window to dodge it.

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    How does Life Link work in Genshin Impact?

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    A key mechanic in The Knave’s battle is his ability to apply the Bond of Life to any party member. It’s a debuff that holds a portion of your HP hostage and prevents healing until it’s removed. To remove the Life Bond, the affected character must receive a heal equal to the amount of HP held hostage.

    The Life Link can be identified by the red cross symbol and the part of the HP bar in red means the amount of healing needed to remove the debuff. While the Link of Life is active, characters can continue to take damage, so it is important to remove it as soon as possible.

    A large portion of a character’s HP can be held back by a Life Link, making them susceptible to death. As a result, you need a reliable healer to manage the team’s HP.

    If you’ve recruited the powerful Knave into your team, check out our Genshin Impact Arlecchino farming guide: All Talent and Ascension materials here at Pro Gaming Guides.

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