How to Unlock Keyboard Hacker in Abiotic Factor


    Without Keypad Hacker it’s impossible to advance beyond the early stages of the game, making all your hard work purifying water and farming useless. How do you unlock keyboard hacker? This guide will tell you exactly what you’ll need, as well as how to get the rarest materials.

    Materials You’ll Need for the Keyboard Hacker

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    You will need to combine three items into a motorized crafting bench in order to build the keyboard hacker. It consists of a controller, an LCD screen and an infrared emitter. Each of these items must be built, as they do not exist as trucks.

    To build these elements you will need the following common materials for the entire installation:

    • 1 x glow stick. (can be built from a test tube and biological waste)
    • 2x glass scraps (go break some windows if you don’t have any on hand)
    • 2x screw boxes (find them or make them from scrap metal)
    • 2x desk phones (loot the offices to find them)
    • 2x keyboards (loot the offices to find them)
    • 3x case fan (break computers/electronics to locate)
    • 6x Tech Scrap (break computers/electronics to locate)
    • 10x circuit boards (break computers/electronics to locate)

    If it were that simple, that would be the end of it, but unfortunately each of the three components of the hacking device also requires a Security Bot CPU. They can be difficult to grow without the right strategy.

    How to Farm Security Robot CPUs to Unlock Hacker in Abiotic Factor

    Under normal circumstances, security bots only come out at night, which means you have to wait a whole day before you can start killing them to steal their CPUs. However, if you keep hitting a busy security robot charging station during the day, it will eventually wake up the robot and attack you.

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    The easiest to find and fight is in the plaza on level one. To find the charging station, turn right immediately at the fountain. The robot can be killed with melee or ranged weapons. However, it will take a long time to kill with early game weapons such as the mace or crossbow.

    Cheats will make this much easier. If you set up the area around him with one or two shock traps, he will be stunned every time he walks over one, allowing you to take a few free hits. Be sure to move away quickly though, as he is very powerful when he attacks. .

    He will always attack the closest enemy, so if you play co-op you can easily carry him around without him being in range to hit anyone.

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    Once you’ve taken it down, you’ll need to take it apart with your knife, the same way you would a meaty body, in order to get the components you need. Rinse and repeat at least three times to get the materials you need. So safe travels and happy hacking.

    How to use keyboard hacker

    To use the keypad hacker once built, simply equip it on your hands and approach a closed door with a keypad.

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    A warning appears showing that the door “requires hacking.” Click the interaction key (‘E’ by default) and this will automatically hack the door, allowing it to open. However, remember that the Level 1 keypad hacker can only unlock doors that require Class 1 Clearance; You will need to upgrade the hacker to level 2 and eventually level 3 in order to unlock doors with higher clearance rates.

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