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    Stain is classed as a mythical unit in Anime Adventures, and we’ve got everything you’ll need to know to unlock and evolve it, alongside plenty more.

    You can collect units in this Roblox experience to help you fight in increasingly advanced raids, earning you various rewards in the game.

    As such, Stain is a high-value character that is well worth investing your time into collecting. To learn more about Stain, how to unlock him, how to evolve Stain and more, make sure to carry on reading below.

    How to unlock Stain in Anime Adventures

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    Image via YouTube @ MrRhino

    To unlock Stain in Anime Adventures you’ll need to complete the Hero City (Hero Slayer) Raid. This means you’ll need to finish the story stages for Hero City to unlock the raid beforehand.

    To select the correct raid, click on the ‘Areas’ tab on the bottom right side of the screen, then select ‘Raids’. This will take you to the Raid launching area.

    Now, enter one of the red pods and it will bring up a menu of the possible raids you can go on. Select ‘Hero City’ from the list of worlds on the right side of the screen.

    To claim Stain, you’ll need to complete 15 raids from within Hero City. After completing 15, you can claim Stain from the ‘Raids’ menu.

    How to evolve Stain in Anime Adventures

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    First and foremost, before evolving Stain you’ll need to have at least 7,500 takedowns clocked with the unit.

    Next, you’ll need the following materials:

    • Blood Crystallite x6
    • Blue Star Fruit x4
    • Dark Crystallite x12
    • Green Star Fruit x3
    • Ice Crystallite x12 (Crystallite is obtained from completing the Virtual Dungeon legendary stages)
    • Pink Star Fruit x4
    • Red Star Fruit x4
    • Star Fruit x12 (either open Fruit Capsules or buy fruit from the Travelling Merchant)
    • The Stain unit

    Once you have the materials necessary, head to the evolving area from the main lobby, walk across the light bridge to the swirling vortex and select the option to evolve him. Once completed, Stain will appear as a Hero Slayer in your character list.

    Stain abilities in Anime Adventures

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    Image via YouTube @ MrRhino

    Here are all of the abilities that Stain can use as a Mythic Unit in Anime Adventures:

    • 50% critical hit chance
    • Starting damage from 308 to 4,077
    • An attack rate of 6 to 6.5
    • Range of 19 to 30
    • Physical damage type with a secondary type of Dark damage

    All of this is just Stain’s base range, however, he has seven possible upgrades you can get before evolution to increase damage output and more.

    That rounds off everything you need to know about the Mythic unit, Stain in Anime Adventures including how to unlock and evolve him and all the important stats.

    Looking for more tips and tricks for Anime Adventures? Check out our Roblox homepage for all of the latest guides. In the meantime though, be sure to also check out our Anime Adventures codes guide and get free in-game rewards!


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