How to solve the cube puzzle near the Court of Saventae ruins in Wuthering Waves


    Northeast of the Court of Saventae ruins (west of Frosting Harbor) in Wuthering Waves is a levitating cube puzzle with six platforms. Here’s how to fix it,

    Wuthering Waves: Whining Aix Mire cube puzzle with six-platform solution

    To begin this puzzle, you must first free the other cube from its red confines. The clue you need is here on this nearby platform. See how it has six nodes, two of which are blue?

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    You will have to reflect a similar pattern on the larger ones in the center. Levitate one of the cubes to one of the locations marked in blue and stand on the other.

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    Once you’ve freed the second cube, you can now replicate the glowing pattern on the other nearby machine. Move both cubes to two of the platforms and stand on the last one. This is what the solution could look like.

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    Pretty simple, right? But the WuWa developers actually thought it might have been a bit challenging since the reward is a chest with 20 Astrite and more Union EXP than usual. You will find the treasure chest behind the previously closed garage door.

    Inside this room, you will also find Research Memo-C2068, which will talk about “two guide crystals” located “On the detection table at the top of the hill.” The location is here.

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    One of the guide crystals will be in the current room you are in and the other in another cube research facility nearby (see how there are three squares on the map? Those are the facilities). It is the one that involves energy matrices.

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