How to solve the A Dance of Stars and Snow code quiz in Tears of Themis



    The Tears of Themis A Dance of Stars and Snow Celebration is a limited-time event where you can claim a redemption code by solving a crossword puzzle. The code is usable until December 27, 2022at 23:59 (UTC+9), and can only be redeemed once per account.

    How to Solve the Tears of Themis Redemption Code Crossword

    The crossword redemption code quiz was posted on the Tears of Themis social media pages. A copy of it can be viewed below for your convenience.

    Image via HoYoverse

    The starting point of each word you need to guess is indicated by the numbers on the right. That means 1, 2, and 4 are all words from left to right, while 3 is one word from top to bottom. The clues are on the left side of the board. Your responses can include both letters and numbers, and must all be in upper case.

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    The correct answers are the following:

    1. What day of the week does Christmas fall on this year?
    2. What is the username of the poster that posted a post on the Big Data Lab magic forum on the opening day of the Winter Magic Festival?
    3. What is one of the common colors used for Christmas?
    4. When is Christmas Eve, in MM/DD format?

    Once you have entered all the answers in the crossword puzzle, you can find the final redemption code in the red boxes. It reads: YARED4S.

    How to Redeem Tears of Themis A Dance of Stars and Snow Code

    go to the official code redemption page on the Tears of Themis website and log into your account. Make sure the character’s name matches your in-game name so that the rewards are channeled to the correct account. Input YARED4S in the redemption code field and click Redeem to send the rewards to your in-game mailbox. You will receive x60 S-Chips and x10,000 Stellin.

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