How to sign up for the Hawked Open Beta


    A genre that has become more popular as of late is the extraction shooter. With classics like Escape from Tarkov and Hunt: Showdown remaining strong and Bungie’s upcoming Marathon announced, more games in this genre are popping up. One that caught my eye is Hawked, and with the announcement of an open beta, I am beyond excited to jump in.

    How to play the Hawked Closed Beta – PC

    Hawked’s open beta will take place on PC, though a cross-play beta between PC and consoles will come later. That said, there are two ways to register and play the open beta for Hawked. Here is how to join the PC Hawked open beta.

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    Does progress from the Hawked Open Beta carry over?

    The answer is yes and no. The first battle pass, The Renegade Pass #0 will be given free to all beta players, and cosmetics will be unlocked when the game releases. Regular game progression will not carry over, putting all players on equal footing outside of cosmetics. This is definitely a nice incentive for those who jump in early.

    When does the Hawked Open Beta start?

    The Hawked open beta begins on August 3, 2023, and will run through August 17, 2023. This gives players plenty of time to enjoy the team-based extraction shooter. Hawked offers deep character customization, including various cosmetics and a wide variety of gear. Register for the beta to get an early look at Hawked ahead of release.

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