How to Search For Clues on Unity in Starfield – Unity Quest Guide


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    During the Unity quest in Starfield, you’re on a mission to the Pilgrim’s Rest located on the planet Indum II. You need to search this small settlement for various clues on the Unity.

    Where to Search For Clues on Unity – Unity Quest Starfield

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    Upon reaching the Pilgrim’s Rest, you see a small glasshouse, a tent, and a shack. There are six clues in the form of books that you need to uncover from these structures. Let’s start with the glasshouse on the left.

    The glasshouse has two clues that you need to pick up: Pilgrim’s Writing 4 and Pilgrim’s Writing 3. The former will be on a small table with a storage box and some other equipment, while the other clue can be found on the table with notebooks and a lamp on the other side of the room. Feel free to read the writings if you want to, especially if you’re truly interested in the game’s lore.

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    Head back out and look for the third clue—Pilgrim’s Writing 4—inside the tent as I’ve shown above.

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    From here on, the remainder of the clues can be found inside the small house. You’ll see the fourth clue right outside the entrance door, next to the first aid box. Pick up Pilgrim’s Writing 1 and go inside the house. Take Pilgrim’s Writing 5, the fifth clue on Unity, your mission status will be updated. You now have to access the locked room in front of you to obtain the sixth and final clue.

    How to Access the Locked Room – Unity Quest Starfield

    Use the Pilgrim’s Computer next to the room door and click on Unlock Personal Room. You’ll then be posed with four questions that you must answer correctly to access the locked room. The answers have been embedded in the clues you’ve collected so far. However, you don’t have to bother going through them as I have the correct answers for you:

    • Answer 1: What is the Unity?
    • Answer 2: People are necessary. But people are madness.
    • Answer 3: Myself.
    • Answer 4: In Stopping. In embracing compassion.
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    If you’ve selected the correct options, the personal room door will be unlocked. Go inside and pick up Pilgrim’s Final Writing, which is the last clue on Unity that you need to proceed with the quest.

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