How to refund a game on Xbox: refund policy explained


    There are countless games to buy and play on Xbox, both digitally and physically. With so many games, it can be difficult to choose what to play and whether a game is worth buying. If you buy a game and don’t like it, you may be wondering if you can get a refund for the game through Xbox.

    How to get a game refund on Xbox

    xbox has a return policy that will allow you to get refunds on purchases. This can apply to various content, including games. There are restrictions on what you can repay, so read the refund policy before attempting to refund a game. Xbox Game Pass titles are not eligible unless purchased separately. Here’s how to refund games on Xbox.

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    • Create a refund request through your Xbox order history.
    • Find the item you want to refund.
    • Select Request a refund.
    • Please provide an explanation of your refund request.
    • Click Next.
    • Verify that the information is correct and select Submit.

    Once you have successfully submitted a refund request, you will need to wait up to 72 hours for the request to be processed. You will receive updates via the email used on your Xbox account. Alternatively, you can check the process through the Refund Status eyelash.

    If the return is accepted, you will receive a refund. There may be a delay once you have been approved, so please allow some time once your refund is accepted. If your return is denied, you will likely receive a reason and not receive a refund. Please note that once you refund a game, you will no longer have access to it and will need to purchase it again to play it.

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