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    In Baldur’s Gate 3, the choices you make affect your journey and those with you. Similarly, Jaheira is one of the important characters that you will meet as your progress. However, recruiting her as your companion will require you to fight multiple foes and pick the right options through dialogue. If you want her as an ally on your team, here is what you need to know.

    Where to find Jaheira in BG3?

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    Jaheira is a Druid who can be recruited as a companion in your party, and you’ll encounter her at the Last Light Inn in the Shadow-Cursed Lands. During the first interaction, Jaheira will test your character, and question your allegiance with the Absolute. She thinks you are a true soul, convince her otherwise through the dialogue options, and make sure to not attack her or be hostile since you need her to be alive.

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    Answer Jaheira’s questions in a peaceful manner, and persuade her to see reason. I selected the “Easy, give me a chance to earn your trust,” dialogue option to pacify the situation. Tell everything to Jaheira about your past exploits, and how you saved the Tieflings at Evergreen Grove. Once you win her trust, she lets you join the Harpers and Tieflings at the Last Light Inn.

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    After this, she asks you to speak to Isobel, a Selunite Cleric protecting the Last Light Inn from the shadows. Isobel will be attacked shortly after by Flaming Fist Marcus, and I implore that you protect her at all cost.

    If Marcus is able to take Isobel, then the barrier will break releasing the Shadow Curse upon all those who live in the Last Light Inn. Isobel is the only one who keeps the monsters at bay by creating a barrier. Jaheira will figure out that you betrayed Isobel and will attack you knowing what you did.

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    To avoid this scenario, it’s best side with and protect Isobel from Marcus. This will make Jaheira trust your character more. Once the fighting is done, speak to her inside the Last Light Inn to know more about the Harpers and Ketheric Thorm’s plan.

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    How to recruit Jaheira as a companion in BG3

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    After rescuing the Nightsong Dame Aylin from her prison, Jaheira and her troop of Harpers go on an all-out assault on Ketheric Thorm. You will find her at the entrance of the Moonrise Tower with the Harpers. Remember, after defeating the Necromancer, prevent Shadowheart from killing the Nightsong at all cost. If the Nightsong dies then so will Jaheira – barring all chances of recruiting her.

    Speak to Jaheira at the entrance of Moonrise Tower. This is where you’ll get the dialogue option to convince her to fight Ketheric Thorm with you. After the fight at the Moonrise Towers and eliminating Thorm, you will get into another conversation with Jaheira. This is where you can ask her to join your party and after selecting the right dialogue, she will become your companion.

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