How to play Roblox Hamilton Simulator


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    If you’re a lover of musicals and looking for some of the best games to play on Roblox, then you’ll have to try the new Hamilton Simulator experience. When I tried out this game, I was immediately obsessed with the instrumental soundtrack and all the recognizable characters I could collect as I played. You can hop in too, and try to collect all 15 of the legendary historical figures and sing along with all your favorite songs. Here are all the details on how you can start playing today!

    How to play Hamilton Simulator on Roblox

    What is Hamilton Simulator on Roblox?

    Hamilton Simulator (linked here) is a unique RPG simulation experience where you can unlock 15 historical figures from Hamilton and battle alongside them in eight different areas of the revolution. The game features a soundtrack from the musical, along with special instrumental remixes. Enjoy the music and scenery that you love from the legendary play and experience it in a whole new way for free inside Roblox!

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    How to recruit companions in Hamilton Simulator

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    To unlock all the recognizable characters to become your companions and fight beside you, you’ll need to summon them from three different banners: bronze, silver, and gold. You will earn a different rarity character by chance on each summon. The more pricey the banner you summon from, the stronger the character will be, and the same goes for what rarity they are. Take a look at the cost of each banner below:

    • Bronze: 500 Coins
    • Silver: 50K Coins
    • Gold: 1M Coins

    There are also different chance percentages based on what character you can summon. Since it’s by chance, you’ll need to try a few times in order to get a character of higher rarity since it’s harder to summon them. Here’s a look at each chance percentage below:

    • Common: 49.50%
    • Rare: 35%
    • Legendary: 10%
    • Legendary: 5%
    • Mythical: 0.50%

    How to fight in Hamilton Simulator

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    Battling is the main focus of this experience since that is what it usually takes to win a revolution. However, you’ll use the power of music to take down your foes in Hamilton Simulator. Ensure you have your companions equipped, then click on an enemy to make them use their musical abilities on them.

    Bigger enemies, plus enemies in further locations, have more health and will be harder to take down. The higher rarity and banner companions you summon, the stronger they will be and the easier it will be to defeat enemies. It is essential to fight as many enemies as possible because they will drop coins which you can use to unlock new areas and summon more companions.

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    How to unlock new areas in Hamilton Simulator

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    To unlock new areas, you’ll need to save up as many coins as you can. Then approach the locked area and press E on your keyboard to buy it with the proper amount. Each area will have a new song from the soundtrack and new, more challenging enemies to take down.

    You can fast-travel to all your unlocked areas by pressing the Teleport button on the left side of the screen. This makes it easier to get to the summon area and back to the area you are currently working through without having to run through each of them every time.

    If you’re a fan of Hamilton, you’ll love playing through this experience simply just to listen to the music and enjoy a classic simulation experience with a fresh, exciting spin. Try to collect all your favorite characters by working your way through all the locations and collecting coins.

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