How to play AimBotz in CS2


    We all have a lot of sweet memories in CS:GO, especially the countless hours of training in the AimBotz mam. Unfortunately, the workshop maps, including the AimBotz training map, are not available in Counter-Strike 2 at the moment. However, there’s an easy workaround to install the AimBotz map in CS2 in order to continue your grind.

    How to install AimBotz workshop map in CS2

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    Installing the AimBotz map is very easy in Counter-Strike 2. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

    1. Download the AimBotz map from this link.
    2. Extract the downloaded file and move it to the correct folder. The folder path should be “Steam\steamapps\common\CS2\csgo\maps“.
    3. Launch CS2 and open the console by pressing the tilde key (~).
    4. Type “map ggp_aimbots” in the console and press enter to load the map.
    5. Once the map is loaded, you can start practicing your aim by shooting at the targets.
    6. To exit the map, open the console again and type “disconnect” to return to the main menu.

    This AimBotz map has a different look from the original one because it is created by a different developer. However, it boasts all the same features, including the ability to customize the map settings by using the buttons on the wall.

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    Why you should play AimBotz in CS2?

    The AimBotz map is relatively crucial for aim training in Counter-Strike 2. It is a custom map that allows players to practice their aim by shooting at targets that move in different patterns and speeds. The map is designed to help players improve their accuracy, reaction time, and overall aim, which is essential for success in competitive matches.

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