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    Within the Morrow Paish lies a lonely, decrepit mansion filled with twisted creatures and horrors from the afterlife. Inside this dark mansion is a single locked safe, preserved from the rustic area around it. Opening it requires a specific combination of numbers, and this combination is far from obvious to find. Worse yet, it’s possible to lose it entirely, so you’ll want to make sure you open it before it’s too late. Fortunately, I have what you need, reader. Here’s how to open the Morrow Paish safe in Remnant 2.

    What is the safe combination for Morrow Paish in Remnant 2?

    If you are only interested in the combination to open the safe, then the code is:

    This specific set of numbers comes from the woman locked in her room in the basement of the Morrow Paish mansion. As you may have noticed while exploring the mansion, everyone inside has gone completely insane, and the woman in the basement is no exception. Talking to her through the locked door, she wishes you to get the lost dolls of her beloved Nightweaver, a future boss you will meet. These dolls are scattered throughout the mansion in easily accessible places, so they are easy to find if you explore the mansion. There are three in total. Take note of the orange auras around them, which will let you know where they are.

    Returning all three dolls to her will make her sing Christmas carols about your return and the joy she feels at that moment. During her singing, she will spill the beans: dropping one of the safe numbers per verse. However, this is not obvious, as the context in which she says each number is not related to the safe in any way. You just have to get hooked.

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    However, know that you don’t need to entertain her as the safe does not depend on your singing. The code is the same and it works even if you never talk to her. The same can be said if you opened her cell and saw her disappear without opening the safe. So if you’ve come here looking for the code, there you have it, Reader.

    What’s in the safe?

    In the safe, you’ll find a powerful sawed-off shotgun for your secondary slot. This weapon does extreme damage at close range and is fully upgradeable at Ward 13. I highly recommended using this thing early on as it packs quite a punch, significantly more than most of the early weapons in Remnant 2.

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