How to Mine in Dark and Darker


    Dark and Darker provides a hardcore PvPvE challenge, but there are other things you can do in the game. If you prefer to loot and gather resources like me, then avoiding combat for other activities, such as mining, is the way to go. But mining in Dark and Darker is more challenging than you may think. But if you need help, I’ve got you covered on how to mine in Dark and Darker.

    Dark and Darker, Mining Explained

    Mining in Dark and Darker requires a pick axe, a utility item that can also be used as a weapon. You can strike an ore deposit and get ore with a pick axe. Once you have mined the ore, you can take it to the Armorer, Weaponsmith, or Alchemist to transform it into a crafted item, such as ruby silver powder or ruby silver ingots.

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    Ruby ore is the only ore deposit in the game at this time. More will likely be added as the game continues developing, but it remains to be seen what is added. Ore deposits can be found across Dark and Darker’s various maps; you just need to keep your eyes out for them.

    How to get a Pick Axe in Dark and Darker

    The main way to get a pick axe is to purchase it from the Blacksmith. Alternatively, you can kill other players and hope one has a pick axe. If you strike down another player with a pick axe, they will drop it. Looting other players for a pick axe is not guaranteed, like purchasing it from the Blacksmith, but it is a free way to collect this item.

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